Soul Sanctuary are a hard hitting six piece Heavy Metal, Hard Rock hybrid from southern UK. British Heavy Metal FTW!


A long Time ago, in a galaxy far… Sorry, wrong story. **Cough, cough** Excuse me.

Soul Sanctuary’s story starts in 2006 aboard a plane destined for Sydney, Australia. After several years of battling with a self destructive lifestyle and narrowly escaping the possibility of a permanent incarceration. Soul Sanctuary’s front man Luke Gibson, decided to put the mistakes of his past behind him and seek out a better life. He left his home with the only possessions he still owned, a beaten up old guitar and the clothes on his back. After travelling to the other side of the world seeking a purpose in life, Luke found his redemption through music, discovering his talent for song writing, music production and live performance. In 2007 he returned home with a small collection of recordings that contained early incarnations of “Destiny”, “Gone Away” and “Packaged To Sell” which would later be revamped for the release of the band’s 2009 début album “Afterlife”.

Once safely back on solid ground in the UK, Luke joined forces with the founders of Soul Sanctuary (Paul Gooding and Anthony Montague) who had had been desperately searching for a front man that could take their band to the next level. Immediately after hearing several of Luke’s self produced recordings, they knew they had found their man…

Read Soul Sanctuary’s biography in full.

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