Pittsburgh Acoustic Pop Punk Can’t Help It – Interview

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Can’t Help It is an Acoustic Pop Punk two piece from Pittsburgh PA consisting of 18 year old Stephen Rubinosky and 24 year old Lee Segal. Their sound is one that attracts those who love the close to heart acoustic feel and those who love the upbeat sound of a pop punk song (and those who love screaming lyrics at concerts)…

Their songs are full of catchy beats and close to heart lyrics that’ll make you wanna listen to the songs over and over again. Both members sing lead and that also creates a whole different sound, opening doors for creativity and originality with the harmonies and polyphony. The band has opened for national acts such Better Off and Rookie Of The Year.

Metal Empire: Would you care to introduce yourself for our audience? What is your name and what do you do?

Can’t Help It: My name’s Stephen! I play in a band called Can’t Help It, we’re an acoustic pop punk two piece from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! We’re made up of two members: Stephen and Lee. We both sing and play guitar.

Metal Empire: What is the band up to at the moment? Is there something you’re working on currently?

Can’t Help It: We currently released our first single “After All This Time” and opened for big name Rookie Of The Year. Right now we’re just trying to book shows and record some stuff.

Metal Empire: Tell us about the music you make, how would you describe your sound?

Can’t Help It: Our goal is to attract those who love the close to heart acoustic feel and the upbeat sound of pop punk mixed into one.

Metal Empire: Can you talk about your production process? How do you go about writing new material?

Can’t Help It: Typically we come to each other with an idea, on guitar or lyric wise and we go from there. We get the basis of what we want the song to sound like then we try to be as creative as possible with it. In the studio we record everything we have down and what we play live, then we try to polish it up with different harmonies and studio magic like lead stuff we wouldn’t do live or two or more vocal dynamics.


Metal Empire: What and who are some of your major influences? Please give a few details about what you enjoy about creating music and what inspires you to make it.

Can’t Help It: I grew up listening to Blink 182 and Mayday Parade. I love the goofiness yet serious music sound of Blink 182 and I love the vocal creativity of Mayday Parade.

Metal Empire: What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

Can’t Help It: The energy. I love jumping around and expressing how I feel about music through how much I move and get into it. Stage presence is key to our band and sound.

Metal Empire: Have you played any shows or toured alongside any major artists? Are there any shows that come to mind that you feel make a great story? If so, tell us about it.

Can’t Help It: We recently opened for band Better Off, and Rookie Of The Year. Those shows were really sweet. It’s always great playing with a band that is larger than yours, gives you the experience and you can learn from them on how they got successful.

Metal Empire: Is there any band or artist you would give anything to play a show with? If so, who are they and why?

Can’t Help It: Mayday Parade. They are the reason the band does a back and forth kinda lead thing. We both sing and try to add as many different vocal parts into our songs, the main influence to that was Mayday Parade.

Metal Empire: What are you hopes for the future? Where do you see yourself as an artist this time next year or the year after?

Can’t Help It: We’re always learning and we’re always getting our name out there. This time next year I know for a fact our music will be heard by thousands, because I won’t give up writing, playing out and marketing until it is.

Metal Empire: If I was to turn up at a show, what should I expect from you in terms of music and showmanship? Is there any crazy stuff you do to pull the crowd?

Can’t Help It: We try to be relatable on stage. We actually talk to the crowd, crack jokes, be goofy with each other and just have fun. We want everyone there to have fun. Whether they’re getting into our music, laughing at our jokes or antics or just laughing at how weird we are, entrainment is key.

Metal Empire: What do you think about music piracy, do you think it effects music sales negatively, or do you think there is another cause behind the current drop in record sales?

Can’t Help It: Usually it doesn’t hurt signed bands, since their record label makes 90% of the profit from online sales. But for a local band to pay their hard earned money from merch sales or work to get the songs on iTunes and spotty and to have someone to pirate it or leak it really hurts them. For us though, we want everyone to hear our music whether they bought it or not, and if someone were to go out of their way to pirate one of our songs we personally think that’s awesome.

Metal Empire: There is a lot of talk about the downfall of the music industry as a whole, do you believe this is the case, or do you believe it is evolving? What do you feel could improve the situation?

Can’t Help It: It’s always changing. You just gotta give the people the show they want and they’ll come.

Metal Empire: Do you receive much fan mail, and if so what’s the craziest, creepiest or coolest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Can’t Help It: Definitely. Someone said we inspired them to make a band, I thought that was the coolest thing ever. To think about just a couple years before a band i loved inspired me into making a band and it’s indescribable how it feels to know that we have that affect on someone.

Metal Empire: Name one thing you love, one thing you hate and one thing you think everyone should try at least once before they die?

Can’t Help It: Play an instrument! Whether it’s drums, guitar, bass, piano, electric triangle or recorder, just pick up an instrument and learn how to play it! It’ll change your whole aspect on music and how you see things.

Metal Empire: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us about what you do. Do you have any final words, or anything you would like to add?

Can’t Help It: Thanks so much for taking the time to interview us and get to know more about us! Rock on!

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