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Next up to grace the Barfly stage (well, floor) are self styled, ‘true rockers’, Lost Gravity. Led by the effervescent and charismatic front man Breno Val the Camden based three piece waste no time following a declaration to “play some rock’n’roll for us”, in doing just that.

Their first track, Venom in a Vial taken from their debut album made a very clear statement that we were in for some tightly, well arranged heavy rock. Amidst the whoops and cheers following their opener we’re treated to the riff heavy single What Goes Around Comes Around. “Do you believe in Karma?” questions Val. In this I find something that stands Lost Gravity out from a lot of doom and gloom rock, grunge and punk outfits. The band are heavy yes, but their message is more Lennon than Lydon.

By the time we’re half way through their set I’ve become very aware that they have made a name for themselves in these parts. This isn’t a room full of family and friends, the crowd here have come to see this band specifically; mosh, drink and are welcomed in on the party every step of the way by Val’s chatty banter.


As the band members are introduced I’m surprised to hear that this is bassist David Whitmore’s second gig with Lost Gravity. He’s certainly done his homework and with his McKagan-esque sound and style looks and plays like he’s been with them for years. Val confesses on drums is one of his favourite all time drummers and fellow countryman Guilliano Kolling and it’s easy to see why. The following tracks Walk On and All The Same were a clear example. Kolling is a pure power house and is the perfect rhythmic lynch pin to Val’s work horse approach to electric guitar.

Next up are a further couple of album tracks, Changes and Anywhere But Home. Either of these could be singles in my opinion and it’s become clear by this point that Lost Gravity have something that many bands lack: a talented songwriter. Their somewhat poppier chart friendly approach to songs may not be everyone’s cup of coffee but as the now tightly packed crowd sing along to Anywhere But Home’s anthemic chorus it’s apparent that this band would work very well on a larger stage.

Wrapping up the performance is the blistering riff driven Back Where You Belong and in a zing of feedback the show is over.

What Lost Gravity bring to their live performance is a cart load of energy and refreshing positivity. In these dark days of austerity, Lost Gravity could well be the tonic a rock music fan needs to get through tomorrow.

by Christopher Goodman

LOST GRAVITY – What Goes Around Comes Around [Official Music Video]

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