Ravages Of Time Interview

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Ravages Of Time, or R.O.T, as the fans like to call them, have been tearing up the stages of the Pacific Northwest with no plans on stopping there. This Metal/Rock band currently uses every available venue that they can get their hands on. Their off stage antics between each other and fans does not stop until they hit that stage, and that is even questionable. To find out more about these guys, catch them at one of their up coming shows.

Metal Empire: Would you care to introduce yourself for your audience? What is your name and what do you do?

Ravages of Time:

Mick: We are Ravages of Time.

Ticker: We play Rot N’ Roll

Cody: I do mind, but I’ll tell you anyway. My name is Cody Sins, I play guitar.

Mick: Mick Sins, I play the drums and I don’t sing.

Ticker: Ticker Twizted. I sing and I play keyboard.

Hell Mutt: I’m Hell Mutt; I play bass and sometimes do backup vocals.

Metal Empire: What is the band up to at the moment? Is there something you’re working on currently?

Ravages of Time:

Mick: Yes, we are. We are working on a new album.

Cody: 4 songs from being done

Mick: The name of the new album will be called “Faith of the Fallen”

Ticker: The idea came from Hell Mutt, who had a song called one thing and he tried to suggest another name for it. I disagreed but I realized that the name he came up with was really f***ing tight and I figured it could actually be a bigger thing, like the name of an album and our look for the next album that we’re going for and these guys liked it and we all agreed on it.

Mick: We are also working with Momma Lynn Management on a CD.

Hell Mutt: It’s a compilation CD; it’s got 16 different bands on it. They’re all local and it’s called “One Take: Pacific Northwest”

Mick: Momma Lynn has hand chosen 16 local bands that he felt would be really good for this album. One of the songs that are on there that we are featuring is called “Valley of the Dead” which will also be on our up and coming CD.

Metal Empire: Tell us about the music you make, how would you describe your sound?

Ravages of Time:

Cody: I don’t really know how to describe the music we make.

Mick: We could classify it as hard rock, metal. And I don’t know, we all have different influences.

Ticker: Oh yeah, different. Like I’m all into that darker stuff… and Hell Mutt here.

Hell Mutt: I listen to everything. I mean literally.

Mick: No, Hell Mutt’s more into like, the 60’s.

Hell Mutt: No I do tend to lean more towards the classic rock, like Steve Miller and stuff like that.

Cody: I’m much more of a Hank Williams, Michael Jackson, Wiz Khalifa kind of guy.

Mick: No he’s not, he’s lying.

Metal Empire: Can you talk about your production process? How do you go about writing new material?

Ravages of Time:

Mick: That’s a good question. No, that’s a very good question. Sometimes it starts with Tick just having lyrics and we just come up with something right out of the blue. Other times it’ll be a riff that Cody may come up with, or sometimes like one of our songs “Gypsies and Gunslingers” started out with a beat I just came up with.

Ticker: Or sometimes one of us will just have an idea, other than me with lyrics, like Mick wrote a song that was “All the Above” from the last album. And sometimes we all separately have this idea and we run it by each other.

Mick: I can say this: If all four of us aren’t feeling it, the music won’t continue. We’ve come up with a billion things and scrapped a billion things, but if all four of us are not feeling it, we do not continue with it.

Ticker: There have been times when I like a song, but the three of them didn’t, so I had to just let it go. We used to have 5 members, and it made it a lot easier to do this thing we did where we had a majority vote. That way there was no bitching. But now, I mean we still kind of do a majority vote, but sometimes it’s a tie.

Metal Empire: What and who are some of your major influences? Please give a few details about what you enjoy about creating music and what inspires you to make it.

Ravages of Time:

Ticker: Alright, Cody Khalifa you start.

Cody: Oh, my influences range, big time. They’re all over the place.

Mick: My influences are Motley Crue, Metallica, uh Ozzy Osbourne. I don’t know, I’m old 80’s. So I grew up with all that 80’s rock and metal. That’s a big part of my life. Cody grew up listening to all that stuff, then he moved on. Now he’s actually got me listening to all the newer stuff, which I love. Like, Avenged Sevenfold.

Ticker: We, as a group, love Avenged Sevenfold, Motley Crue, Pantera, Iron Maiden.

Mick: As far as what inspires us to write music or to make it…

Cody: People’s reactions.

Mick: Yeah, there’s nothing better, I feel personally, than being able to create something, take it to the people, and just see their reactions.

Ticker: Because you get an idea for a while of what, even though we write music that we come up with and we love, we still try to think about the presentation of it and kind of throw some hooks in there and make it really cool.

Mick: Well I know how I feel when I hear a song and when I used to go to concerts and stuff. The song would come out and you’re just like, raging, I mean you’re just overboard with it. You hear the song and you’re just like “AH” and when we’re creating music, I try to envision that. Ya know, like how are the people gonna react. And when you actually get up there and see them, and they’re reacting the same way you did when you were out there in the audience, there ain’t no better feeling than that.

Ticker: And we work like that, that kind of gives us an idea of what to throw in there as we’re creating both the experience of when you go, like he said, and yeah.

Cody: Writing something that connects with somebody else.

Mick: I’ll never forget, we were down in Portland and a gal came up to me and she goes “I wanna thank you.” And I said “for what?” she goes “I’ve listened to country music my whole entire life and I never knew I liked rock n’ roll until I heard you guys. That is what I’m talking about. That was awesome; that made my whole entire night.

Ticker: And it happens a lot. A lot of older people come up to us and we get that a lot. We hear “we weren’t into that at all until we heard you” and we also hear “when we saw you guys, we weren’t expecting that” That’s my favorite.

Metal Empire: What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

Ravages of Time:

Hell Mutt: The energy from the audience.

Cody: Being able to perform for the people.

Mick: Seeing their reactions.

Hell Mutt: There’s something about when you get on stage, if you got the energy and you’re feeding it to the crowd and the crowd is feeding it back to you and it creates this thing, like a euphoric state.

Mick: Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to explain. It’s like this magical force that goes out to the audience and they feel it and then all of a sudden they bring it right back at ya. There’s times when we’ve been on stage and I’ll be sitting there playing and it’s like “okay, eh, I’m kinda into it” and then you just feel it hit.

Ticker: Yeah, you feed and it’s like, really addicting. We are on break right now, doing what we’re doing, and we’re all getting really itchy and it’s like, I feel like I’m having withdrawals.

Hell Mutt: It’s the best feeling in the world.

Ticker: It is. There’s not another feeling like it. It just feels surreal. It’s like a dream when you’re up there, and it’s all going good. There’s a bond that we get like, aside from any problems you’ve ever had with any of your band members; when you’re up there on that stage, we’re all the same person and we forget about the world and we’re just up there entertaining you and it is orgasmic.

Metal Empire: Have you played any shows or toured alongside any major artists? Are there any shows that come to mind that you feel make a great story? If so, tell us about it.

Ravages of Time:

Mick: We have not toured alongside any major artists, but we have, however, played with The Hollywood Allstars, and that has…

Hell Mutt: Carlos Cavazo from Quiet Riot, Chas West, isn’t he in every band, Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister, Alan Krieger, and Jimmy Bain from Dio.

Mick: Green Jello, we played with Green Jello, Uli Jon Roth from The Scorpions.

Cody: We played with Lesli Sanders from Prophets of Addictions

Ticker: Who was originally from a band called Pretty Boy Floyd, which was actually pretty big.

Cody: We played alongside with Ty McDonald from Fall from Grace.

Metal Empire: Is there any band or artist you would give anything to play a show with? If so, who are they and why?

Ravages of Time:

Mick: I would give Tickers left testicle to play with Motley Crue.

Ticker: I’d let him, too.

Mick: I’d give Hell Mutts right testicle to play with Avenged Sevenfold.

Cody: I’d love to play with Slipknot.

Ticker: Oh God, I’d love to play with Slipknot. That would be a sick show

Metal Empire: What are your hopes for the future? Where do you see yourself as an artist this time next year or the year after?

Ravages of Time:

Ticker: Famous.

Hell Mutt: Playing bass, for Cher….

Cody: I hope to be seeing ourselves sharing our music with millions of people across the world

Ticker: Sharing the stage with the people we just mentioned that we’d love to play with.

Mick: Touring. Definitely touring would be nice.

Metal Empire: If I was to turn up at a show, what should I expect from you in terms of music and showmanship? Is there any crazy stuff you do to pull the crowd?

Ravages of Time:

Cody: We’re active. We do not stop moving from the time we get on the stage and start performing the first song, we don’t stop moving until the very last song.

Mick: The thing I hear a lot is energy. It just draws the people in. I wouldn’t say that there in particular that we try to do that draws an audience, other than getting up there and putting on a show! Have a good time, rock that f***ing stage, rock the f***ing people and just go bonkers.

Metal Empire: What do you think about music piracy, do you think it effects music sales negatively, or do you think there is another cause behind the current drop in record sales?

Ravages of Time:

Hell Mutt: I think that piracy has something to do with the drop in sales in the music industry. But I don’t think it’s just that, I think it also has to do with it being an instant access world out there now with the internet and Facebook and Reverb Nation and YouTube and all of that.

Mick: It’s become a fast food industry.

Hell Mutt: Yeah, and all you really need nowadays, almost, is a vocoder and a beat generator and the next thing you know you’ve got 5 million hits on YouTube and you’re sucking Justin Biebers dick or something like that. It’s harder nowadays for a band to get exposure, although, at the same time it shouldn’t be. But if you’re just doing it like we do, in the trenches and out in the bars and stuff, then it’s a little more difficult. But ya know, back to the music industry thing, I think the piracy thing has had a negative effect on it but I don’t think it’s the only thing that has effected the music industry negatively. Again, I think it’s more because of the fast food industry; technology has just changed so much in the last 20 years.

Metal Empire: There is a lot of talk about the downfall of the music industry as a whole, do you believe this is the case, or do you believe it is evolving? What do you feel could improve the situation?

Ravages of Time:

Ticker: I think both. I think there’s new stuff, which is making it evolve, but just like the last question kinda, it’s got its pros and cons. We have computers that share and drop box and all that, so clearly it’s literally evolving.

Hell Mutt: This goes back to the fast food thing, it’s almost like the flash in the pan is becoming more of a norm than the exception to the rule. It’s harder to sell albums. People supporting local music is a big part of it, and it’s harder for that to happen nowadays because of all the restrictive laws that scare people and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the DUI laws, that’s not what I’m saying, it’s just that scares people and makes them less apt to go out to bars and drink like they used to back in the old days.

Mick: Here in Washington State, there’s a shortage of all age venues, and that really really sucks bad because these kids have got nowhere to go, nothing to do, and the kids are the ones that we originally started playing for and we still do, but because there’s no all age venue so we’re playing for all these adults. That’s not a problem, that’s cool.

Hell Mutt: There’s only been one really cool all age venue that we’ve played at and that’s Louie G’s down in Fife

Cody: One benefit to playing for adults is that I’ve noticed that they’ve got their kids into our music too, which is amazing.

Ticker: Since people do stay home and you can’t force them to go out, I thought it’d be really cool if venues were able to do kinda what Hot Rocks did, where every venue would have a live feed. So yes, it is evolving, and that’s about the only real way. If people could either show up more or find the effort to go to the shows more and experience what they’re not experiencing just listening to it or setting up live feed from the place. Those are some ideas.

Metal Empire: Do you receive much fan mail, and if so what’s the craziest, creepiest or coolest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Ravages of Time:

Mick: We get emails, yeah. We do get fan mail. We’ve never received anything crazy as far as fan mail. As far as getting stuff from fans, Ticker got this leather jacket that this guy had spent years creating. I had a fan give me a spankin new symbol. He found out the kind of symbols I liked and got me a brand new symbol. Hell Mutt’s gotten Snickerdoodle bread.

Cody: I’ve been given a mass amount of heroin.

Ticker: Weed! We’ve been given a lot of weed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been offered to do coke, even though I don’t.

Mick: Oh, Tom gets lots of blowjobs.

Cody: From both sides of the party

Metal Empire: Name one thing you love, one thing you hate and one thing you think everyone should try at least once before they die?

Ravages of Time:

Cody: I love sex, I hate drama, and one thing I think you should try before you die is whatever the hell you want to try. You should go out and do whatever the hell you wanna do with your life before you die.

Mick: One thing I love is my family, my whole entire family. If they’re in my circle, I love them. One thing I hate is drama, I f***ing can’t stand drama, myself.

Ticker: Something I love… I don’t know man, that’s a tough one, just because I don’t want to leave anything out. I love the supernatural sh*t. I’m obsessed with paranormal. I hate hypocrites. I think people should, at least once in their life, try the thing that they really wanna do.

Metal Empire: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us about what you do. Do you have any final words, or anything you would like to add?

Ravages of Time:

Cody: If you’re new to us, check us out. You won’t regret it.

Ticker: We appreciate all the dedication and patience, if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be where we are today. Make sure you check out our video game. It already has 50 downloads! Check out our ridiculous cartoon too, on our YouTube. Rot N’ Roll

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