Who The Fuck Is Dechard?!

Posted: February 19, 2015 in HypeFeeder

Dechard (born 21 July 1989), is a producer, DJ and sound designer, born and raised in Italy with Belgian origins.

Dechard began his experience in the music world at the age of 16, he began performing in a club in his hometown at many stages, moving on to play as a DJ around his country.

He built his own studio and after several years of studying sound engineering at Essex University and working on different projects, he landed a great deal and released an official remix for the singer and musician Alex Vargas, just rearranging the single “Lie” (2012) with Jeroosalem.

He also released his first EP 2013 called “Amazing”. After experiencing the European scene Dechard wanted to take his art a step further and moved to Los Angeles. A few months after his move he created a soundtrack on purpose for a tv series, broadcast on Fox TV.

At the moment, he’s producing/recording his second musical project called Quixotic and working on remixes for artists and bands such as Kinqueen, Edx, Bob Sinclar, Alex Vargas and Phaze Project.

Interview: Who The Fuck Is Dechard?!

HypeFeeder: Would you care to introduce yourself for our audience? What is your name and what do you do?

Dechard: Hey there! I’m a music producer from Italy that goes by the name of Dechard.

HypeFeeder: What are you up to at the moment, do you have any plans for 2015? Are you working on any specific projects?

Dechard: 2015 is gonna be a very intense year, there’s many projects going on but the one I really would like to tell you first is my upcoming electronic band called Quixotic. We’re making a mood, way more than a genre, sounding vintage also modern yet and our vibe is tropical and cinematic.

HypeFeeder: As a music producer do you create your own material or just work on other peoples?

Dechard: I started producing my own house music tunes and this led me to get to start many collaborations with musicians that offer different styles. One of them is Sabrina Petrini, a talented pop singer from Sweden. She’s pretty popular in her country and doing great things in America too.

“Music is a language, so before creating music make sure you have something to say.”


HypeFeeder: Can you talk about your production process? How do you get creative in the studio?

Dechard: You know I produce many different styles and since I’m based between Italy and California process is different from time to time, situations are always located in different places.

HypeFeeder: What is your favourite part about being a music producer?

Dechard: Music is a spiritual thing. I mostly love the fact to convey my emotions through music, a very powerful language.

HypeFeeder: Why did you choose Dechard as a stage name, does it have any meaning behind it?

Dechard: Well, my stage name “Dechard” comes from my little cute cousin in Belgium, because at the time she couldn’t pronounce my real name, Richard :)

HypeFeeder: What and who are some of your major influences? Please give a few details about what you enjoy about creating music and what inspires you to make it.

Dechard: Music is a language, so before creating music make sure you have something to say. Art got a powerful message, unfiltered beautiful, historical, in a way that goes beyond science.

HypeFeeder: Do you perform live, or have any future plans to work in a live performance side to your work?

Dechard: Yes, I’m actually planning my first tour across America and Mexico. I’ll DJ around many venues and private events also, looking forward to it!

HypeFeeder: Is there any band or artist you would love to work with? If so, who are they and why?

Dechard: Oh man, there’s so many I would love to collaborate with. As a DJ I had the chance to remix some artists like Edx, Bob Sinclar, Alex Vargas and this make me feel so blessed.

HypeFeeder: What are you hopes for the future? Where do you see yourself as an artist this time next year or the year after?

Dechard: I’ll surely get closer to my goals!


HypeFeeder: If I was to turn up at a show, what should I expect from you in terms of music and showmanship? Is there any crazy stuff you do to pull the crowd?

Dechard: I think the best thing is just to be yourself, always.. like I’m playing with the whole crowd at the show, not just being there for them

HypeFeeder: Do you receive much fan mail, and if so what’s the craziest, creepiest or coolest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Dechard: I love being in contact with my followers! Last Christmas I received a really cool portrait from an American fan, it was awesome

HypeFeeder: Name one thing you love, one thing you hate and one thing you think everyone should try at least once before they die?

Dechard: Confidence, lack of intelligence, enjoy every minute of your life with no regrets.

HypeFeeder: If you could have one wish, what would it be and why?

Dechard: I wish my family could join me more often when I’m abroad, they’re very important to me.

HypeFeeder: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us about what you do. Do you have any final words, or anything you would like to add?

Dechard: Thank you so much for your interest! Stay tuned

You can find more of Dechard at the following links:
Fb: www.facebook.com/DechardOfficial
Sc: www.soundcloud.com/dechard
Yt: www.youtube.com/DechardTV
Tw: www.twitter.com/dechardmusic
Ig: www.instagram.com/rickydechard

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