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Have you ever looked at a black metal album cover and thought “Fuck this shit! It’s not dark enough!”? Have you ever looked at Derek Riggs’ work and said to yourself “I’m better than this guy!”? Do you spend countless hours on deviantART dreaming of being able to create similar things?  Well, in the trademarked words of Steve Jobs… There’s an app for that™. It’s fittingly called Pentacam and it’s available on Android. Don’t worry, iPhone users. If you’re interested, developer Somewhat Original promises to come up with an iOS version soon. Until then, read on so you’ll know what it’s all about.

Pentacam Example

Pentacam lets you manipulate photos and make sinister album covers. It lets your inner demonic artist come out and play. Sort of. If you call art taking some photos, applying some filters and writing something in an evil-looking font, then yes, Pentacam makes us all artists. But if you take just one look at the official site, (and you should), you instantly realize that it’s more of a tongue-in-cheek app. Developer Mikael Konttinen’s humor is present at every step. Or rather at every click.

Pentacam humor

As the dev himself states, using Pentacam is “as easy as 6-6-6”. You snap a photo with your device’s camera or choose an existing one. Then you crop it and pick a filter. Add some occult symbols, choose a font, write the band’s name and the album title and voila! We won’t go into the specifics of the app, because we’re not software-oriented. We’re metalware-oriented. Suffice it to say this isn’t Photoshop for Android. But Pentacam is fun and interesting enough to give it a go. Once you get the hang of playing around with the filters, you can come up with some pretty cool-looking stuff. And it’s not just album art, either! You can even have a coffee mug with your creation, or some other merchandise. Did we mention it’s free? Not the merch. Just the app.

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Alright, we know some of you lucky fuckers will get to see Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth live this winter, as they tour the US and Canada from January 28 to March 7. Rather than bitch and moan about it though, we thought we’d just share the recently uploaded trailer video for Winter Tour 2015.


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Brand New and hot; gothic and creepy, the horror exuded by Thee Massacre ’s EP Horror debuted on this year’s Halloween can only be matched by that found in hell itself. The piece is not the type you expect from any other noisy group claiming the title of Horror Metal artists. This is a masterpiece by select experts. The band could not have been named any better: Thee Massacre, because ‘massacre’ is the idea they are perfect at creating; and this output- Horror is a true attestation to that.

The fear factor is apparent from the very start. The EP kicks off with a bloodcurdling ‘Retribution’ in which a chilling voice, the voice I’d consider the Devil’s, or that of a close friend of ‘his’, vows to exterminate some folks; good folks. Right then you start to meet your controversy. Just before you get chilled to the bone, you are woken up by a throbbing sound form their Drenched in Blood and Sweat, the first track on the list. Careful, you might jump from your seat here. The drumming just gets me rocking along!

Then comes what I consider my best: Skin Suit. Damn, this is just the song for me! The melody, the tempo. I just can’t tell how they manage to put together the rhythm within an eerie piece of art. This gets you carried away without mistaking the brutality of its message.

If I had two votes, I’d dish out the other for Bloodshed and Gore. I am brave but still I afford the fear just listening to the lines in this track. Then there is Her Name is Death! You have no excuse but to love this one. The picture is vivid, the intent of the character is clear, and you can clearly feel the message. The aura of desperation created by being the target of the death factor therein is apparent.

It is not too hard to understand why Thee Massacre could pull together such an effective piece if you consider the composition of the band. With DJ Gunnarson who actually co-wrote the last Cradle of Filth album and was a founding member of White Empress on the guitar, Eric McMahon on Vokills, Blaine Santillan with the Bass, Chris Piette on the Drums and Jeffrey Kornfeld handling the keyboard and the sounds, you are left with a feeling of awe and a spontaneous thumbs-up to the team.

Thee Massacre


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Made in Chelsea’s Binky engaged!!??

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Nick Grimshaw’s Brekkie show was given a treat this morning when Made In Chelsea’s Andy Jordan proposed to his co-star Binky Felstead live on air ! AND…Binky said ‘yes’! © Twitter / @R1Breakfast When Nick asked Binky to name her her worst day on the show, Andy suggested: “What about the time that we nearly had a […]

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X Factor’s creative director Brian Friedman has set the record straight once and for all. IT turns out Chezza can sing like (a multi-layered studio recording of) an angel, and she certainly didn’t mime!  Got it? Loyal Bri told the Daily Mirror: “I’m p**sed that people are claiming Cheryl mimed on Sunday night because I […]

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Melanie Sykes and Gemma Collins are  ‘confirmed’ for the ITV’s I’m a celebrity get me out of here show, which begins in just 10 days. WOOP DE WOOP!!! A couple of strong characters, and more importantly neither are shy about being photographed in their bikinis! Who will be first into the IACGMOOH shower? Michelle Keegan is […]

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Figures Of Light came about as the result of a proto punk experiment of 1970 by Wheeler Winston Dixon and Michael Downey.

On October 24, 2014, they released a new single “Instant Drone,” which can be seen in the video below, taking what sounds like a very interesting mix of Psychedelic rock bands of the 70′s and 60′s and mixing it with a slightly more modern influence, Figures Of Light show they still have a great passion for their craft.

Figures of Light with Mike Pilat – Instant Drone from Figures of Light on Vimeo.

Speaking to Dixon about the new release he noted “This cut showed me the way we wanted to go in our future work. It represents a real shift in the band towards more mature, thoughtful, densely structured work – not just rock & roll, but almost experimental work, much like the bands Joy Division, Section 25 and The Velvet Underground.

“This is Post-Rock/Experimental work, almost Musique Concrète. We’re also honored to work with people on the British metal scene like Stuart Pendergast and Mike Pilat, whose DIY ethic is best personified by the fact he built his own studio himself.”

He continued “Our new stuff isn’t angry, it’s thoughtful, but it keeps a strong connection to simplicity and the use of feedback as part of the piece. In short, I’m kinda bored with most vocals these days, and want to just let the music do the talking. For best results, just put this on repeat, and get lost in the zone. More stuff coming soon.”

Check out the link below to FOL’s website and Vimeo channel. Leave a comment and let us know what you think about their new direction.

Figures Of Light Links:

Figures Of Light Logo

Figures Of Light release new track instant drone

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