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Posted: October 15, 2014 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Robert Marlow is a fusion of Rock, metal, punk, and garage rock that is reminiscent sixties and seventies. Robert says about his own music “I want to make music that is not pretentious or proud, just groove Rock for today. I want to bring back music that is irreverent has immediacy about it and is fun. My music is influenced by all the rock greats, to many to list. Toss great riff rock into a blender and turned on high, that’s my music.”

Metal Empire: Would you care to introduce yourself for our audience? What is your name and what do you do?

Robert Marlow: My name is Robert Marlow and I play rock music about sex drugs and rock n roll. I

Metal Empire: What is the band up to at the moment? Is there something you’re working on currently?

Robert Marlow: I am currently working on a new album that should be out by Christmas, when Santa comes down your chimney he will have it with him. Mrs Claus isn’t very happy about Santa coming down chimneys, she thinks that’s why they haven’t had kids yet.

Metal Empire: Where are you from? Do you feel your location has any effect on the music you make?

Robert Marlow: I am from Glasgow Scotland and I definitely feel that where you come from influences your music. Glasgow is a very down to earth place where they don’t like bull shit. So I write and perform songs that are honest and down to earth. They also like to have a good time and get a little crazy, so I do that too.

Metal Empire: It can be a difficult task to describe one’s own artistic talents, but how would you describe your music?

Robert Marlow: I have always liked blues based rock with a groove, so that is the type of music I make. Good rock music should come from the crotch and that is where I come from.

Metal Empire: Can you talk about your production process? How do you go about writing new material?

Robert Marlow: I always work from the groove or riff. I have a book full of song ideas, so I will jam with the riff and find the idea that is the most natural and build the song from there.

Metal Empire: What and who are some of your major influences? Please give a few details about what you enjoy about creating music and what inspires you to make it.

Robert Marlow: Besides the obvious like AC/DC and the Stones, I am influenced by the author Charles Bukowski. My songs are like a Bukowski novella, sex and booze.

Metal Empire: What’s the worst/best venue or show you’ve ever played? What made it so good/bad?

Robert Marlow: The best venue I played was in Glasgow where I recorded my live album, “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous, live at the Barrowland. The Barrowland is an amazing venue where the crowd just rocks. The worst was this little club in L.A. where the owner kept complaining about how loud we were and kept telling me to turn down the volume. I said listen, nobody said anything about fucking volume when we agreed to do the show, so we turned it up a little louder.

Metal Empire: Have you played any shows or toured alongside any major artists? Are there any shows that come to mind that you feel make a great story? If so, tell us about it.

Robert Marlow: There was a great show we did in Germany in a sex club. I played the guitar bottleneck with a dildo, mid way through the gig a couple of naked girls came up on stage and danced for the rest of the gig and I think there were a few sex crimes committed at the encore.

Metal Empire: Is there any band or artist you would give anything to play a show with? If so, who are they and why?

Robert Marlow: AC/DC cause they are my favourite band and especially now since Malcolm is ill and can’t play any more. I would like to show solidarity with the band.

Metal Empire: What are you hopes for the future? Where do you see yourself as an artist this time next year or the year after?

Robert Marlow: After the album is finished I will be going on an Asian and European tour, so hopefully shagging alot of Japanese chicks.

Metal Empire: If I was to turn up at a show, what should I expect from you in terms of music and showmanship? Is there any crazy stuff you do to pull the crowd?

Robert Marlow: The show is all about fun and getting the crowd off. Usually we like to bring some ladies out of the crowd and see how they are on stage. We do have some props, one of which is a giant vagina when we play “I’m gonna eat your pussy”.

Metal Empire: I once heard someone say, that to be in a successful band it requires all of you to be like a family or best friends. Do you agree with that statement. Please tell us about your own experiences being part of a band.

Robert Marlow: I do think a band is about solidarity. Like being in a gang and taking on all comers. We have a relationship based on understanding and trust, I don’t trust them and they don’t understand me.

Metal Empire: Do you receive much fan mail, and if so what’s the craziest, creepiest or coolest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Robert Marlow: I think coolest was a girls pair of panties, I use it to clean my guitar.

Metal Empire: What’s your favourite TV Show?

Robert Marlow: Right now it is Outlander since it is about Scotland.

Metal Empire: If you could have one wish, what would it be and why?

Robert Marlow: It would be to have world peace by having a constant orgy, everyone would be having to much fun to start wars and of course my music would be the soundrack.

Metal Empire: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us about what you do. Do you have any final words, or anything you would like to add?

Robert Marlow: Thank you for having us. Check out my websites too.

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