Maestro Anjael: No Cleavage Panty Syndrome And The Hall Of Fame

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Anjael ‘Brave Lion’ is a proud Canadian artiste, Anjael trained in several instruments under the guidance of his parents before settling on his love, the guitar. As he grew up, the travels of a diplomatic father introduced him to world music of various genres.

He trained and travelled extensively thereafter, calling Israel, India, Philippines, China, Vienna, Costa Rica and finally Canada home; perfecting his skills as a professional Uke player, guitarist, classic rock singer, song writer and composer. He even managed to be voted best international poet of the year by the International Library of Poetry USA.

Anjael Interview

Metal Empire: Hey there, how are? Would you care to introduce yourself for our audience? What is your name and what do you do?

Anjael: Hey Luke! I am very fine thank you and hoping you are doing well too! Off course! I would love to introduce myself to your wonderful audience.
I am Anjael – The man with the blue face from Canada and I am a performing artist, singer, song writer, guitar player, drummer, composer and performer.

Metal Empire: What is the band up to at the moment? Is there something you’re working on currently?

Anjael: Honestly speaking, I have stopped being in bands for the last 15 years and do not run a “Band or Group per se” but, I nowadays always work on project groups which features various musicians together and yes, at this very moment I am part of the project group called Re-Action and we are working on hard core avant-garde rock fusion music or on my solo acts where I am supported by other musicians or all alone.

Metal Empire: What’s the inspiration behind your blue face performances?

Anjael: Foremost, blue happens to be one of my favored colours. I choose blue as it is also the colour of the wide expansive sky which accepts us all irrespective of our caste, creed or colour and it also happens to have a spiritual meaning behind it mainly, something stemming from my own spiritual practices of universal brotherhood to fight various forms of prevalent poisonous racism & allied poisons globally.

Metal Empire: Classical hard FJ-rock & FJ Blues is a unusual choice of genres, how did it come about?

Anjael: Well….my very beginnings in music as a toddler was fully immersed in mid-Eastern, eastern & western classical music which gave way to my classic hard rock blooming. Having spent at least a good 15 professional years in hard rock, heavy metal field left a certain void in my heart not being able to satisfy my musical cravings playing by merely playing standard rock or blues or metal and I had to find a resting place somewhere between my erstwhile roots and present day yearnings and thus I spent the next 10 years exclusively in the fusion field to arrive on this genre of fusion jazz rock or FJ rock and FJ blues. It really came about as the result of taking all my prior musical tutelage, experience and background and finally merging that into something I felt very pleased to play with.

Metal Empire: Can you talk a little about the ideas behind the Re-action Project Group?

Anjael: Hmm….Project Re-action is a collaboration of ideas between me and ex Dave Gilmour, Uriah Heep, Bad Company keyboard player and musician Gregg Dechert.
For long we both wanted to find a suitable medium to express our music in an spontaneous platform where we could exchange dialogues of creative sparks between the musicians i.e. – different instruments and create a solid accord from what appeared to be discord at first.

Both me and Gregg have been for a very long time, dismayed at the lack of or the minority of genuine audience who sincerely appreciate “out of the box thinking” if you will and for a change try and understand that, music is not meant to be in a box or that, nowadays music has become a source of lewdness , nudity and vulgar expressions or anything but, the real music seems to captivate global audience.

Metal Empire: Can you talk about your production process? How do you go about writing new material?

Anjael: What I / we do is, often I will compose the main theme or basic skeleton and then offer the same to other musicians for enhancement. If the resultant product comes out as envisioned in my minds studio then we work around it making extensive notes and dictations on how to and where to in the scores. Then I record them onto a small file or a hand held recorder and sent this to the choice of musicians I have in mind and let them see what they can do best.

I write new material voraciously daily :-) penning down on paper, translating on guitar, keyboards, drums, bass and then seeks to sometimes use words to match the tune or keep it instrumental.

Sometimes my writing spell can run long and dry. I then will go and enhance one of my friends music -relaying the same idea and then deriving inspiration of it for my own creativity. We all follow the same habits.

Metal Empire: Your fans say you have a unique drumming technique, who are some of your inspirations?

Anjael: I adore my fans and mainly those I know are in complete support of my efforts as an artist. My biggest inspiration is and will always be my parents, who have also been my most imp music teachers and mentors and my lil sister , all three of them I mourn for lifelong. Although I have grown up listening to some wonderful drummers like Steve Gadd for his peculiar bass work, Sonny Emory for excellent all round drumming, Omar hakim for tight funk , Harvey mason for his tight wonderful sound and Dennis chambers for speed and art but, I draw my inspiration to drumming from very ancient sources and my tutelage in various drumming methods of yore which makes my drumming completely different compared to anyone else around you’ve ever heard.

As my fans would say, my drumming is very eclectic mixture of Afro Cuban Latin mixed with the playing styles of the above mentioned greats and then a completely new dimension of temple rhythms from eastern and mid eastern classical and I fail to mention any one name as my inspiration besides the divine quest of para permutations and mathematics and as all my fans know me as the only known exponent of ancient Sama’un trance drumming in the world today related closely to Naqi Taqlid traditions.

Metal Empire: I have come to know through the grapevine that, you were also recently awarded a Hall of Fame status? Can you tell us if its right or just a rumor?

Anjael: News travels fast I guess :-) actually it’s not a rumour, but true and I was given a Hall of Fame status as a one of its kind authentic fusion musician, composer, drummer, guitarist, singer and fusion jazz clarinet player by an elite group of underground E. European musicians association very famous for jazz & fusion music education, promotion and not known widely abroad and there is work being done to bring the association members, faculty artists and educators to the www media very soon. All fans can read about it soon in my personal website as well.

Metal Empire: What major issues and obstacles do you feel musicians confront in today’s world of music?

Anjael:Aha such a nice question! Provided we are discussing real musicians lol! Today it is very difficult to find musicians who are playing strictly music (which I can explain later) and the need to express musically without the need to alter anything in their persona to cater too or fit a label, record company or a bunch of crowd who are too drunk to appreciate a thing.

The biggest drawback is/will be forever is to find right platform, global audience and sincere appreciation for a musicians who for example…spent 10-12 years in perfecting his/her craft and be allowed to display such with great joy and pride? This does happen in select countries and select venues and the crowd for such is also very selected. On top dirty politics is always involved and then huge crisis in getting shows.

Explaining what I meant by strictly music-I meant musicians who play music for the sake of music, to express, nurture, show case talents and skills devoid of anything else and the desire to keep getting better at what they play or do. Can you do that at some nightclub? A pub? How many people will come to your concert because you are not playing “popular music” or dance music, but real music. :-)

Metal Empire: What do you mean by the NCP syndrome, and how it affects music/musicians?

Anjael:NCP -is coined term for “No cleavage panty syndrome:” – wherever we see now real music and musicians have taken a back seat and it’s all about display of physical parts as opposed to music. Teens, grownups, serious listeners and appreciators of true art all are exposed to this sudden mad rush of vulgar display which has little to do with music, suddenly everyone is dying to look like a diva, suddenly a musician is now like a film star, artists who cannot sing nor play worth a hoot but, are famous on the basis of that NCP and off course it will and will always hurt the real musician. Since we have no NCP therefore we and true musicians alike have to sweat it out in frustrations and pains. This modern day syndrome effects every genuine musician and performer or artist globally.

Metal Empire: Have you played any shows or toured alongside any major artists, if not, would you like to?

Anjael: Yes I actually have all my life since my childhood :-) but, the definition of that word “major artist” would once again be determined by if they are popular to the global crowd or not. Most of whom I have played or associated with are not very well known at all in the occidental world barring a few.

I have shared stages with the much beloved, respected and now of late departed Woodstock icon legend Mr. Richie Pierce Havens -who I believed should have got much more attention and audience over few others who do with empty music, empty songs and nothing musical.

I am honored to be touring and doing shows now with ex Dave Gilmour, Uriah Heep, Bad Company, Dream academy, Feather wheel, Trevor Jones and Mick Maves keyboard player / arranger Gregg Dechert.

I am also currently playing and touring with Johnny Victor, from Euro & Spanish ex Chart topper group Jade & Vibrations from Gibraltar and a host of other musicians down the decades and yes! I would love to compliment and offer my gifts and skills of music to everyone who would consider me.

I was touring and playing with an Canadian Icon of Delta blues guitars Mr. Alonzo Carrington aka Al Carter who played with none other than Muddy Waters and like but, we lost him recently over 2013.


Metal Empire: Is there any band or artist you would give anything to play a show with? If so, who are they and why?

Anjael: Yes! But, could I give anything besides what I humbly posses :-) lol? I would love to play along with Mark Knofler, Eric Clapton, Chick Corea band, Tommy Emanuel, Floatsam Jetsam :-), Omar Hakim band, John McLaughlin, Trilok Gurtu, Osibisa, Lee Ritenour band, Robben Ford band, Yanni ensemble etc. because I would love to gift them something to be thrilled with in guitar playing as well as in my drumming and that, I believe strongly I can complement their genre and music very dar’n well with exceptional nuances to their way of colouring the musical canvas as I was kind of born into this multi generic multi coloured world global music.

Metal Empire: Do you have any desire to perform in U.K. in the near future?

Anjael: OMG I would just love too! And so would all my chums!

Metal Empire: What are you hopes moving forward? Where do you see yourself as an artist this time next year or the year after?

Anjael:The aspirations are to be deeply and vastly appreciated worldwide off course! and I am not one known to ever stop or give up but, the global situation presents a great difficulty for real musicians and artists to present our skills on platforms where we could catapult ourselves aye. This time next year I would have already done couple of more deserving shows and would have already released my 2nd or 3rd album either in solo or with my good friends. There is an ongoing dialogue that, I may also be back on a foreign circuit tour that is “ The Good Lord willing” and would have managed to find a rightful place in the global scenario as a very different eclectic drummer of a kind and a guitar player, musician , singer songwriter and to leave my mark before I croak and most certainly share and teach anyone dedicated to learn such traditional arts.

Metal Empire: Do you receive much fan mail, and if so what’s the craziest, creepiest or coolest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Anjael:Yes1 I do receive fan mails from time to time and as you are aware I , cannot always type or respond due to both my hands being damaged and in perpetual pain over the 2009 fire and personal life incidents, left alone to fend off in that state but, I do sincerely try to answer and the coolest thing I’ve ever got from a fan was “A cuddly little teddy bear and a box of German Marzipan chocolates from Germany-it was very heart warming for me! When I was playing in a Cafe in 1996-7 and a very handsome man whom I recognized instantly as someone, both me and my late mother were fan of as an actor and when I told him that, He responded by saying, “but I too have been a very big fan of your songs, music for a long time and handed me a 100$ bill which read “from your fan -signed”- his name was Marc Zuber from UK & India.
I am yet to encounter crazy or creepy fans :-) lol

Metal Empire: If you had one wish that could change the world, what would it be and why?

Anjael: I do have one sincere wish ever since childhood that is , why are the people of earth bowing down and praying to anyone or anything less than that, One supreme heavenly creator? The one who created us all for no one else but, creator source G-D did and that is the only rightful object of all our love isn’t it strange? For this would instill in the people the truth of universal creed of humanity, break down the walls of separation due to socio- religious political tactics. Dispel that great ignorance that skin color is an issue? And to judge us only by our deeds not by any other means. Then based on that universal worship of one-sense, One-ness-world would unite , people’s hearts would unite , there would be no such thing as Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew, Buddhist fractions but, a singular truth that, God is neither of any of these religions and is of ALL and all Prophets and all creation comes from that one-ness we now term G-D.
It would solve all issues really that we actually do suffer today from such fractional war going on in our hearts and minds and bring about true Equality of love, treatment and respect amongst men , towards woman, nature and animals alike.

Metal Empire: Where can fans or listeners get to know more about you, your work and music?

Anjael: I would request all fans and dear listeners to either go visit or go find me on our YouTube channel – Maestro Anjael, or download an album from and if one writes to me at with few kind words and comments then one can have a gift CD album digital version via email for free and I am also working on getting a completely new drum specific website set up soon.

Metal Empire: Thank you for taking the time to speak to Metal Empire about what you do. Do you have any final words, or anything you would like to add?

Anjael: I thank Metal Empire from my deep heart for giving me this chance to reach out to your wonderful and hopefully my new wonderful audience :-). I want Metal Empire to prosper, I want your audience to prosper. I want you to remember me, Anjael -proudly from Canada as a strong defender of human core values and a fighter against dark forces. I want UK to be strong, I want all countries and nations to pledge themselves to one-ness of humanity and Please if any one of you would like to organize or invite and give me & my friends a chance to come to beautiful UK to perform then I promise to rock your socks off!
Thank you!


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