Slipknot tweet they miss Paul, but call Joey Jordison a dick?

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Slipknot’s twitter posted a rather confrontational tweet in the early hours of this morning. “This new album just isn’t going to be the same without Paul, but fuck Joey he’s a dick!”

One can only guess what might have sparked this one off. Was one of the band members drunk and let their emotions spill out over social media? I’m sure a lot of fans are feeling very confused right about now. We will keep you posted when more information becomes available.


Slipknot Tweet

Slipknot being very emotional over social media it seems


UPDATE (7.7.2014 04:23): Slipknot have quickly removed the offending post, but luckily a screenshot was taken so you can still view it here. Was it simply a bad decision on behalf of one of the band members, was the bands account hacked. Did the person in charge of Slipknot’s account get pranked? Questions still seemed to be unanswered at this time. Hopfully we will find out more soon, and we’ll keep you updated on the situation.

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