Metal Empire Radio – May 2014

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Put your fucking horns up it’s time to rock! Welcome to the very first edition of Metal Empire Radio. If you’re interested in being feature on the next episode of Metal Empire Radio then get in touch at send you track and a short band bio, and we’ll give your track a listen and if we like it, we’ll include it in the next episode.

This episode includes the following tracks:

Track 1: I am Abomination – Since 1776
Track 2: Threat Signal – Counterbalance
Track 3: System Of A Down – Prison Song
Track 4: Soul Sanctuary – Heart Attack
Track 5: Black Label Society – Faith Is Blind
Track 6: Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver
Track 7: Bring Me The Horizon – House Of Wolves
Track 8: Ready, Set, Fall! – Skyscrapers
Track 9: Deftones – Be Quiet And Drive
Track 10: All That Remains – This Calling
Track 11: Sonic Syndicate – Aftermath
Track 12: Bullet For My Valentine – Breaking Out Breaking Down
Track 13: Cypress Hill – Trouble
Track 14: Breaking Benjamin – Diary Of Jane
Track 15: Sons Of – Hold On
Track 16: Crossfade – Colors
Track 17: Disturbed – Voices
Track 18: Godsmack – Straight Out Of Line
Track 19: A Day To Remember – All I want
Track 20: Anal Cunt – I Don;t Wanna Dance
Track 20: Raging Speedhorn – Thumper
Track 22: Misery Signal – Dream Atlantic
Track 23: Lamb Of God – Walk With Me In Hell
Track 24: In Flames – Come Clarity
Track 25: Drowning Pool – All Over Me
Track 26: Saliva – After Me
Track 27: August Burns Red – The Truth Of A Liar
Track 28: Mudvayne – Dig
Track 29: Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone
Track 30: Skan – Beyond Thrones

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