New Music Monday: Nexilva

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Protect ya Nex…

Sunderland ragers Nexilva have spent years refining their death metal onslaught. Now it’s their time to shine.

While they may be a relatively new name for a lot of people, Sunderland’s Nexilva have been busy beavering away for a number of years now, making a name for themselves as one of the most exciting new bands on the British death metal scene. Years of relentless touring lead to well received sets at last year’s TechFest and Germany’s Euroblast festivals, but the band’s story goes back a lot further, to when the boys were fresh-faced 13-year-olds

“When we started out it was more of a pop punk sort of thing” muses drummer Connor Jobes with an air of amusement while recalling the band’s humble beginnings. “We started out covering Fall Out Boy songs and stuff like that”.

Hear a snippet from the new album here!

Needless to say, they’ve come a long way from those baggy shorts days. Songs about getting dumped and grazing your knee from falling off your skateboard have been swapped for their own blistering breed of death metal. Following in the footsteps of scene trailblazers such as The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel, their songs come fast and nasty. However, there are many layers to the band that mark them out as quite the enigmatic bunch. While their music is bludgeoning, there are also technical leanings in the vein of contemporary prog and an array of symphonic and atmospheric synths. “There’s all sorts of things going on that you wouldn’t normally hear in a death metal band,” enthuses Jobes. “I do believe that how diverse our sound can be means we can appeal to people from most scenes”.

After a lengthy recording process, this April sees the release of their debut full length, Eschatologies, an album that embraces the prog trait of story telling with a dark narrative. “All of the songs on that album are all stories on how humanity brings its own end, in many different ways,” Jobes explains “There’s a recurring line in the album that’s on quite a lot of the songs, and that’s evil will prevail.” Delivering heaviness that is as thrilling as it is ferocious, now is very much the time for Nexilva’s breed of evil to prevail.

Eschatologies is out April 7 via Ghost Music

Interview by Gavin Lloyd

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin

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