EXCLUSIVE: Stream New Sonata Arctica Album ‘Pariah’s Child’!

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Sonata Arctica: power metal gods

We’re streaming Sonata Arctica‘s epic new album in full!

The Finnish power metal monarchs’ eighth opus, Pariah’s Child, arrives today via Nuclear Blast, and you can hear the whole damn thing right on this very page.

Get stuck in below:

Pariah’s Child Tracklist:

01. The Wolves Die Young
02. Running Lights
03. Take One Breath
04. Cloud Factory
05. Blood
06. What Did You Do In The War, Dad?
07. Half A Marathon man
08. X Marks The Spot
09. Love
10. Larger Than Life

Pre-order Pariah’s Child here: http://smarturl.it/SONATA-Pariah-AMZ

We caught up with frontman Tony Kakko ahead of the album’s release for a quick chin-wag. Here’s what he had to say…

Do you have any memories from the period while you were recording this album?

“No, they are all gone, washed away! Haha! Actually I think the best thing about the recordings was that for the first time since Reckoning Night (2004) we actually recorded everything in one studio, aside few oddities. And everyone had a chance to take part and have a say in everyones work, which was really exhilarating for me especially as I am the songwriter and the one who has always the clearest vision as to how the songs should sound. Group effort. Band album all the way.”

Which track are you particularly fond of and why?

“I think Larger Than Life is one of the better long songs I’ve written and in some corny kinda way the name says it all. From others I could name and list a few, but let’s take Take One Breath. I had quite a work getting this song together, especially lyric wise due to subject matter, which forced me to read all kinds of scientific stuff. Musically that song’s been around for a while already. I meant to put it on my solo album one day, but what do you know… I love the melody and the way the song just…twirls around.”

Who is responsible for the cover art?

“Janne Pitkänen aka Toxicangel. He created our original logo back in 1999 and has worked with us on more or less every release since our third album Winterheart’s Guild (2003).”

There has been a return of the wolf on this album too. What prompted the return of that symbol for Pariah’s Child?

“Once we realised where this album is going musically, and we like to think “PC” continues on the path set by the four first albums, it was more or less a no-brainer to bring back the wolf. Have to say I had missed that thing. And to underline the return to this old road even more, we decided to re-introduce the old, more metal-styled logo as well.”

You have just toured South America, with plans to tour in Europe and Russia later in the year. There is no UK tour date in your schedule so far. Do you plan to come to the UK and promote Pariah’s Child?

“Yeah, I’ve been wondering this myself as well. I was a little disappointed the Euro-tour was cut so short, missing the UK and Scandinavia. It’s always a sum of many things. Anyways, I hope we get to do at least one festival in the UK this summer and then come and have a proper tour sometime in 2015. Let’s see how it goes. In the meanwhile: be good if you can, be careful if you can’t!”

from Metal Hammer http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/news/exclusive-stream-new-sonata-arctica-album-pariahs-child/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=exclusive-stream-new-sonata-arctica-album-pariahs-child
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