Blogs Of War: Lords Of The Riff Days 7 + 8

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Orange Goblin’s Ben Ward is currently hanging with the amazing trio of bands on this year’s Lords Of The Riff tour! Here’s how it’s going so far…

Day 7 – Saturday March 22nd – King Tut’s, Glasgow

Had to be up pretty early and there were a few sore heads (me included) as we stopped off to get breakfast butties on our way out of Leeds. We took the A65 north and the scenery was epic as we crossed from the Yorkshire Dales into the Lake District. We had a brief stop at my favourite services in the world (Westmoreland, yes I know I’m sad!) and then completed our drive into Scotland and eventually Glasgow. I was tempted to try and wind the band up about having their passports ready to cross the border to Scotland but figured they’d been before so there was no point! We learned upon arrival that show was already sold out and the awesome hospitality meant that all bands played a blinder.

The guys were rewarded after the show with the traditional bottle of King Tut’s Scotch Whisky (you get these if you sell out the venue!) and all of Scorpion Child and Monster Truck got stuck into it straight away. I think all the bads had a great night at the merch stand too as it was heaving at the end of the night, Glasgow is great on a Saturday night and it made me very keen to return with Orange Goblin as soon as possible. We stayed with another friend just south of Glasgow and as soon as we arrived the Scotch took another battering, as well as a load of ales and dark beers. Thank you Scotland!

Day 8 – Sunday March 23rd – o2 Academy 2, Newcastle

There were a few sore Scorpion Child heads first thing but they were soon eased by a huge Scottish breakfast, with the Americans tucking into Black Pudding and Haggis for the first time! It was the perfect start to the day for me and we left Glasgow in glorious sunshine to head back to England. We arrived in Newcastle and had a nightmare finding a place to park for load in and then the load in itself was up three flights of stairs, luckily there was an elevator. The band did some press before we headed out for a Greek meal (very sophisticated!) and then returned to get ready for the show. The turn out was very promising for a Sunday night with over 250 people rocking out to Buffalo Summer and Monster Truck. Scorpion Child closed the show and played another blinder. I couldn’t help noticing that a few guys at the front of the crowd going really crazy were wearing Orange Goblin shirts!

After the show we had a short drive to the hotel in Gateshead and as it turned midnight we began to celebrate Chris Cowart’s (SC guitarist) birthday! Everyone had a great night but eventually we started to run low on booze. Thankfully the lady on reception came to our rescue and started giving us bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale and various beers and ciders free of charge so the party could continue! By the time I crashed out the birthday boy was suitably hammered! Day off tomorrow.

Catch Lords Of The Riff on the following dates:

Tue 25 Mar – NOTTINGHAM Rock City (MT closes)
Wed 26 Mar – LONDON Underworld (MT closes)
Thu 27 Mar – MANCHESTER Roadhouse (SC closes)

Tickets are on sale now. To buy online, visit (London, Manchester) and (Nottingham). See you at the front.

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