Blogs Of War: Lords Of The Riff Day 6

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Orange Goblin’s Ben Ward is currently hanging with the amazing trio of bands on this year’s Lords Of The Riff tour! Here’s how it’s going so far…

Day 6 – Friday March 21st – The Corporation, Sheffield

Another fantastic cooked breakfast, including a mountain of bacon meant we started the day on top form. Also managed to get a lie in and a shower too! These things are a godsend when you are on tour in a van! Our good host sent us on our way to Sheffield with full bellies and a load of cheesy band names so everyone was in great spirits! The drive up was awesome as we darted in and out of showers and witnessed some amazing rainbows across the Yorkshire countryside. The Corporation is a great venue with great facilities and with healthy pre-sales it didn’t take long for the sold-out signs to go up on the doors. It’s a shame that the show couldn’t be moved to the bigger room as I saw a lot of people being turned away without tickets and those poor folks certainly missed a belter of a show.

Scorpion Child left the stage covered in beer and sweat……just like a good rock show should! After loading out we headed an hour North to Leeds and partied at a friends house til’ the small hours. It was great to see Aryn from Scorpion Child moonwalking around the kitchen to Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall!!

Catch Lords Of The Riff on the following dates:

Tue 25 Mar – NOTTINGHAM Rock City (MT closes)
Wed 26 Mar – LONDON Underworld (MT closes)
Thu 27 Mar – MANCHESTER Roadhouse (SC closes)

Tickets are on sale now. To buy online, visit (Sheffield shows), (Newcastle, London, Manchester), and (Nottingham). See you at the front.

from Metal Hammer
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