Metal Empire Talks Music With Turkish Death Metallers Seal Of Solomon

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Seal of Solomon is a Turkish Melodic Death Metal band that was formed in Istanbul by Can Berk Öcalır in 2009 by the name “Unfurling”.

While Can Berk Öcalır (N’efraim) was continuing his vocal duty on Aggregate Pain, the Seal of Solomon project have remain suspended for another 2 years.

After Tolga Sanli (Anshar) and Doguhan Korkut (Aefril) left Aggregate Pain, this interesting project have risen again. Razor‘s former and Furtherial‘s continuous bass player Ozan Murat Ozfen (Saladin) have joined the band and named it “Seal of Solomon“

Sooner after the band started the full length album sessions in DullGoat Recording House.

Aggregate Pain succeeded especially in foreign countries as well as in Turkey with the support and sponsorship of Dorock Heavy Metal Club Istanbul. In the base of its musical sound, the band’s music contains melodic, orientalist and symphonic infrastructure. It’s general genre is Melodic Death Metal with a Black Metal background.

Seal of Solomon Interview

Metal Empire: Would you care to introduce yourself for our audience? What is your name and what do you do?

Seal Of Solomon: We’re Seal of Solomon, a Turkish blackened death metal with oriental influences.

Metal Empire: What are you up to at the moment? Is there something you’re working on currently?

Seal Of Solomon: We’ve recently released our longplay album “I The King” from Wormholedeath Records and it will be distributed via The Orchard worldwide.
So the hardwork is done, we’re basically following the responses-reviews it gets and connect with fans and magazines etc.

Metal Empire: So you’re from Turkey? Do you feel your location has any effect on the music you make?

Seal Of Solomon: Of course the oriental melodies come from the culture that we’re raised in.
Also the anger and the aggression of the Occupy Gezi movement that we’ve been a part in Turkey got us working a little harder to express ourselves worldwide.

Metal Empire: What’s the meaning behind the band name Seal Of Solomon?

Seal Of Solomon: The album I The King is telling a story. And that story is the best way to summarize the answer to that question.

Metal Empire: How would you describe your music to someone unfamiliar with your work?

Seal Of Solomon: Authentic, brutal and mind-bending.

Metal Empire: Have you got any tours coming up?

Seal Of Solomon: We’re gonna play an album launch gig in Turkey at first. And then we’ll hit the road for an Eastern Europe tour including Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece etc. The dates will be announced from our official website.

Metal Empire: Can you talk about your production process? How do you go about writing new material?

Seal Of Solomon: For this album particular, Can Berk Öcalır came up with the guitar riffs and the basic lyrical ideas for the songs, then we locked ourselves in DullGoat Recording House for a while and worked on the album concept including storical themes and song structures. Önder Dülger wrote the drum partitions and recorded the guitar tracks. The drums and vocals were recorded eventually, then mixed and mastered by Can.

Metal Empire: Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into music?

Seal Of Solomon: Seal of Solomon includes members from the biggest metal bands in Turkey like Undertakers, Furtherial, Aggregate Pain, Yabgu, Magilum, Nefas Lacus etc.
We’ve all met each other during our musical careers with other bands and Ozan Murat Özfen decided to get us all together to get the King Solomon’s invocation heard.

Metal Empire: What and who are some of your major influences? Fans always love getting to know their favorite artists. Please give a few details about what you enjoy about creating music and what inspires you to make it.

Seal Of Solomon: The band has it’s black and death metal influences from bands like Behemoth, Dark Funeral and Melechesh.
With the joining of Önder Dülger, he brought in his Metalcore and Progressive influences from Meshuggah, Tool and Limp Bizkit.

We all try to express ourselves for the different things we put up with. For this album, it was mainly anger.

Metal Empire: What’s the worst/best venue or show you’ve ever played? What made it so good/bad?

Seal Of Solomon: Individually, the worst concert would be Ozan and Doğu’s Çanakkale gig. The booking agency forgot to check them in to an hotel.
All our favorite concerts were University festivals. They provide the best energy for our performances.

Metal Empire: Have you played any shows or toured alongside any major artists? Are there any shows that come to mind that you feel make a great story? If so, tell us about it.

Seal Of Solomon: NA

Metal Empire: Is there any band or artist you would give anything to play a show with? If so, who are they and why?

Seal Of Solomon: NA

Metal Empire: What are you hopes for the future? Where do you see yourself as an artist this time next year or the year after?

Seal Of Solomon: Our main intention is to keep on doing what we do best, and do it on the road.

Metal Empire: If I was to turn up at a show, what should I expect from you in terms of music and showmanship? Is there any crazy stuff you do to pull the crowd?

Seal Of Solomon: We have our theme to follow and it’s best not to describe it with words.

Metal Empire: I once heard someone say, that to be in a successful band it requires all of you to be like a family or best friends. Do you agree with that statement. Please tell us about your own experiences being part of a band.

Seal Of Solomon: The friendship came first to form Seal of Solomon. We’ve all became a family of people doing what they like the most doing.

Metal Empire: Do you receive much fan mail, and if so what’s the craziest, creepiest or coolest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Seal Of Solomon: Our album trailer video got a comment, saying our music was to best way to torture someone. It was creepy and cool at the same time.

Metal Empire: Just for fun, what’s your current ringtone? Why did you choose it?

Seal Of Solomon: Can Berk Öcalır: Gary Jules – Mad world
Önder Dülger: Drowning Pool – Love and War
Ozan Murat Özfen: Imperial March
Doğuhan Korkut: Nokia Tune
Tolga Şanlı: In Flames – Deliver us

Metal Empire: Thank you for taking the time to speak to Metal Empire about what you do. Do you have any final words, or anything you would like to add?

Seal Of Solomon: Thank you for helping us spreading the word of King Solomon.

Seal of Solomon Websites & Social Media

Seal Of Solomon Official Website
Seal Of Solomon on Facebook
Seal Of Solomon on Reverbnation
Seal Of Solomon on Twitter
Wormholedeath Records

Purchase Seal Of Solomon Music:


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  1. shaun wright says:

    I listened to some SOS online just a couple of days ago. It has a really unique character to it that really hooked me. Now I am trying to find more of their music online and I hope others find them and share their music as well.

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