New Music Monday: Centiment

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Centiment feature some familiar faces…

They may be three-fifths InMe, but Centiment are a wholly different beast.

The first thing that will probably strike you about Essex electronica-spliced technical metallers Centiment is the familiarity of their personnel. Featuring three members of anthemic rockers InMe, the quintet have, it’s fair to say, something of a pedigree, albeit one they are keen not to be defined by.

“The easiest way to explain it is that I write all InMe’s music, but this is my brother Greg’s project and something totally different,” says Dave McPherson, who provides vocals for both bands. Greg, who wields a bass in InMe, has long had a penchant for the heavier end of the musical spectrum and is finally getting a chance to shine as a hard riffing guitarist and chief creative force.

“Centiment has been a project for about 12 years or so,” Dave tells us. “Greg has been writing and demoing songs for the longest time, since before InMe was a thing, even. It’s always just been a hobby up until about 12 months ago, but eventually he got a line-up together that has stuck.”

That Greg’s style is so much different to his brother’s is not lost on the frontman. “The things my brother writes are always darker and more complex than what I do, the pain for me is just being able to sing over it! Some of this stuff is definitely pretty challenging.”

It’s a challenge that the singer is particularly keen to get his teeth into, though. “We’re really excited to get out on tour and show people what we can do, that is the point that Centiment truly becomes a proper band and its own entity,” Dave enthuses. “We’re all obsessed with music really,” he laughs “and this is just about expressing ourselves in another way that we want to.”

Streets Of Rage is out now via Pledge Music

Interview by Tom Doyle

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin


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