Architects: “We’re Not A Band Made To Play Slower Music”

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Architects: national treasures

Architects might have made a big misstep with The Here And Now, but they’ve been making serious amends since.

Their 2011 opus’s more melodious direction grated with a lot of fans and saw the boys from Brighton drop off course a bit, but the next year’s blinding follow-up in Daybreaker saw them roaring back on track.

This year, they complete their return to form with the iron-clad rager that is Lost Forever // Lost Together, and in our new issue, we chat to the lads about the album, how they bounced back and why they feel in ruder musical health than ever.

“A lot of the bands who are in [more prominent positions] are pop bands compared to us,” states frontman Sam Carter flatly. “We are a technical metal band. We play heavy music and play shows where I’ll jump off speaker stacks onto people’s heads and that’s not something that you’ll get from your typical mainstream band. That’s just us and something I’m totally happy with.”

An exclusive look at our Architects feature!

“We’re not a band made to play slower music,” he adds. “We’re made for jumping on people’s heads.”

Read more from Architects, as well as the likes of Metallica, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, Upon A Burning Body and many more, in our brand new issue, out now.

Lost Forever // Lost Together arrives on March 11 via Epitaph.

Lost Forever // Lost Together Tracklist

01. Gravedigger
02. Naysayer
03. Broken Cross
04. The Devil Is Near
05. Dead Man Talking
06. Red Hypergiant
07. C.A.N.C.E.R
08. Colony Collapse
09. Castles In The Air
10. Youth Is Wasted On The Young
11. The Distant Blue

Pre-order the album here

The Brighton crew will be joined by hardcore veterans Stray From The Path and Aussie metalcore mob,Northlane at the following venues:

Mar 7 Manchester Academy 2 – TICKETS
Mar 8 Glasgow O2 ABC – TICKETS 
Mar 9 Sheffield Leadmill – TICKETS 
Mar 11 Cardiff Solus – TICKETS 
Mar 12 Birmingham Institute – TICKETS
Mar 14 – London KOKO –  TICKETS 


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