Scorpions Want To Play The UK This Summer

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Scorpions could yet make the UK this year

Scorpions have now reversed their decision to retire at the end of their current world tour – and the band want to play at least one UK show this summer.

The iconic German rockers announced in 2010 that they would undertake one final major tour, and would then give up playing live for good. But, says vocalist Klaus Meine, they’ve now had a change of heart.

“We’re enjoying ourselves so much that none of us want to face up to the reality of our last ever show approaching,” he tells Hammer. “That’s not something we want to contemplate at all. So, now we’ve removed that fear by deciding to carry on. It makes sense, because people still want to see us live, and we love what we do.”

While the band have played in close on 40 countries during this ongoing tour, they’ve yet to play any dates in the UK, which has always been a stronghold for them. While it’s frustrated British fans, Klaus insists it is not a deliberate snub.

“We were offered the chance to play at Download Festival in 2012,” reveals the frontman. “But we had to turn it down, because the band were already committed to doing shows in America at the time. We were very disappointed not to be able to make it over, because to have had the chance of playing at such a big festival would have been perfect for us. We get loads of messages from fans across the world, asking when we’ll be doing gigs in their countries, and some of the strongest come from our British fans. They are outraged we’ve not yet been over, and we do appreciate their commitment to us!”

“I can assure everyone that we’re not turning our back on Britain. We want to play there again, as much as they want us to do it. What we have to decide is the sort of venues where our show works best. We have a big stage set, and ideally would bring it over to give fans the full Scorpions experience.”

Could we see the band finally make it over here for a festival set this summer?

“That would work so well for us. And if we can make it happen, then we will,” replies Klaus. “Perhaps what we need is for Scorpions fans to petition the festival promoters, and get them to consider adding us to the lineup. Certainly, this is what we want to do. So, with a little luck, the band will get over in the summer. If not, then we’ll have to make an alternative arrangement. But one thing I promise is that we won’t ignore what our UK fans want.”

So, Scorpions fans. You know what to do. Scorpions want to be here.

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from Metal Hammer
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