Win A Blackstar HT Metal Amp And Cab

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Gear nerds! Pay attention!

To celebrate this year’s National Learn To Play Day, which takes place on Saturday April 12 and sees over 100 music shops nationwide and more than 10,000 free instrument lessons involved, those rather splendid people at Blackstar Amplification have given us two awesome pieces of kit to give away.

Blackstar’s new HT Metal range is beyond a shadow of a doubt the gear you need to discover your own sound and get your personal journey into music properly underway. Featuring extreme high gain tones and custom cosmetics, this series of amplifiers is specially voiced and cosmetically styled to appeal to today’s metal guitarists.

We’re giving away an HT Metal 100 Amp and a 412 Speaker Cabinet. The Amp boasts 100W of bowel-churning power and is guaranteed to shake the foundations of any building, while the Cab has been specifically voiced to work with the HT Metal range, so will slot in rather nicely. To stand a chance of winning these most bodacious of prizes, simply CLICK HERE AND ANSWER ONE VERY EASY QUESTION.

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin


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