New Music Monday: Scale The Summit

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Metalhammer
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STS: adventurous scamps

These Houston proggers want to take you on a trip…

Houston instrumental prog metallers Scale The Summit are spreading the word for what they call “adventure metal”. “A friend of ours said our music took him on a journey, so since that time we have used adventure metal to describe our sound, “says guitarist Chris Letchford.

Chris started the band in 2004 with fellow guitarist Travis Levrier, but it was only when they both went to the Los Angeles Musicians Institute soon after that everything fell into place. “Travis and I got fed up with trying to find guys in the Houston area, so we moved to LA for school, with the goal of finding more like-minded and dedicated musicians,” explains Chris. “We found Pat [Skeffington, drums] and Jordan [Eherhardt, bass] there.”

Relocating back to Houston, Scale The Summit self-released debut album Monument in 2007, before signing to Prosthetic Records on the back of some serious buzz from progressively-minded metal fans who like their music expansive and meandering. Latest opus The Migration marks the debut of new bassist Mark Michell, who has “more training in music theory, live performance, and is a great business man”, meaning that the band’s musical influences were finally able to take full flight.

“As a band we are fans of Yes, Dream Theater, Opeth, and virtuoso players like Guthrie Govan, Eric Johnson, and Joe Satriani,” adds Chris, who also points to the album’s striking cover artwork, by Duncan Storr, as further proof that the band have perfected not just their sound, but their entire mystique.

“He wrote to us when The Collective was released in 2011 and said he would love to work together sometime. I checked out his work and was immediately hooked. The Migration piece he created was perfect. Our only problem now is what to do for the next record.” That’s the thing about adventure metal – you never know what’s coming next. Buckle up…

The Migration is out now via Prosthetic

from Metal Hammer
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