Neuros Moonshiner Talk To Metal Empire About Their New EP

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Neuros Moonshiner is a band from outerspace, or at least that’s the impression the average onlooker might think of this post apocalyptic hard rock outfit. Before they decide to leave for a show on the next planet in line of their super galactic mega tour, Metal Empire wanted to find out what we could about these seemingly extraterrestrial musical monsters.

Neuros Moonshiner is about to release their new EP entitled Bone Mistress. Metal Empire got in touch with the band’s front man Neuros Moonshiner to find out more about it’s release and to ask some nagging questions. We always ask the important questions here at Metal Empire. The facts the fans truly want to know! Like what would Neuros Moonshiner require when stranded on a desert island. It’s essential to know that no matter which quadrant of the galaxy you are from there are some thing we all have in common. :)

Neuros Moonshiner Interview:

Metal Empire: Hey how’s it going? Would you care to introduce yourself for our audience? What is your name and what do you do in the band?

Neuros Moonshiner (the person, singer, not whole band): Hey, Neuros here, lead singer in the band Neuros Moonshiner.

Metal Empire: Neuros Moonshiner is an interesting name. Does it have a back story? How did the name come about and who came up with it?

Neuros Moonshiner: Well, actually it goes back to when I started doing my first recordings in the late 90′s. Sitting with my producer and good friend Mni Art in his studio and thinking of the right name. We watched a whole lot of old Transformers and movies while I brainstormed. But Neuros came through my interests in cognitive science and sounded cool. Starscream or Bumblebee just didn’t represent my sound (laughs). The only decent reason behind a band/artists name is because it’s a cool name. Moonshiner was later added for a full name since it fitted with the gritty, “sci-fi-westernish” drenched apocalyptic themes I usually came back to in writing songs.
And since my Mom taught me how to brew the family’s moonshine recipe, it’s fitting. Still try do brew up a batch once in a while.

Metal Empire: I hear you have a new EP called Bone Mistress coming out. Care to tell us a little bit more about it and anything else you’re currently working on?

Neuros Moonshiner: Bone Mistress is actually the first song written with the current line-up. It has a real voodoo vibe and is a hard hitting song, still love it even though it’s been played sooo many times. The other songs are Doomed Fandango, our first single and the first video we did. Three Storms, a tribute to the awesome flick Big Trouble in Little China. It’s fun because it made me connect with James Hong, the actor who played Lo Pan in the movie. Great guy and living legend indeed.

We are working on a new EP. We won’t go in to any details yet. But if you see us live you will hear some of the tunes that will be on the new EP.

Metal Empire: Maybe it’s too soon, but is there any plans for a full length release in the near or distant future?

Neuros Moonshiner: Of course we had plans to release all our tracks on a full length. But today’s music climate is so much different than just ten years ago. So we are proceeding with the approach to do EP’s that fit the more digital listening crowd. People tend to listen to a few songs on their phones, pads and other systems that allow iTunes, Spotify etc. So releasing an EP a year keeps it much fresher than waiting two years for a full length.

Be sure that we will release our stuff on traditional CD and Vinyl as well. We personally love the real deal, artwork and hard-copies.

Metal Empire: In this age of digital technology many bands are choosing to only release their music in digital format. Are you keeping to that trend or will your new EP have a hard copy, and if so where can people buy it?

Neuros Moonshiner: As I went into, we choose digital first but our plans are to release hard copies. This spring Bone Mistress will come out on CD and hopefully vinyl. The art work is just to sweet to let it go to waste. A cool cover always looks way more wicked in real life, don’t cha think?
We will sell it through our label RockaDoom Records and partners like CD Baby. Online is probably gonna be the best way to buy it, but some stores will stock it.

Neuros Moonshiner

Neuros Moonshiner

Metal Empire: How would you describe Neuros Moonshiner’s music?

Neuros Moonshiner: It’s rock ‘n’ roll! Basically we are metal of course, it’s no denying it, we love heavy riffs and pounding drums. That’s what we do, sweet heavy friggin’ riffin’ music. What to call it doesn’t really matter. Groove/industrial/heavy metal is commonly thrown around. But everything comes from rock.

Apocalyptic-groove I once said. That’s as good as any description. Throw in a handful of far fetched movie and old pop-culture references in the “end of the world” thing we got going on, you’ll have what we are about.

Metal Empire: Your new single Bone Mistress was recently released with a lyrics video, do you have any plans to shoot a full on music video for this one, like you did with Hail & Fire? If so, are there any ideas for the theme of the video yet, and could you tell us a little bit about it?

Neuros Moonshiner: This is hard to admit, but we did a video shoot for Bone Mistress. Some material showed in clips in the lyric vid. But a hard drive crash lost the high-res material and copies show a lot of digital displacement and faulty clips. If we can save it we will finish the full video.
The video featured our beloved Bone Mistress encased in fire and scenes with us playing in a voodoo-esque swamp wasteland.

Metal Empire: You have another single soon to be released called Three Storms, which is a great track BTW. I like the clip from Big Trouble In Little China. Can you tell us more about the ideas behind the song? How do you think this single will compare to your other singles?

Neuros Moonshiner: Thanks. It’s a personal feel good tune (laughs). Nah, kidding aside. It’s a tribute to the movie. The movie is a true favourite and as I wrote the song the lyrical theme just grew. Named after the bad guys I just filled the track with references I love.

It’s a single we don’t think will do much impact as it might be to hard, heavy and obscure theme-wise for the broad masses and it’s to funky for the “true metal” fans. But since I got kind words from some of the people who was involved with the movie and I love it, it gets some airtime and promotion. Hey, we would promote and do videos for every single song we have if money wasn’t an issue.

A Three Storms music video with live stage footage will be released soon.

Metal Empire: Your band bases its style around apocalyptic themes and a mixture of b-horror and sci-fi-pop culture. Where did the basis for this idea originate in the band? Who came up with the idea?

Neuros Moonshiner: It all evolved from personal taste. My love for post-apoc movies, comics and old school pen & paper RPG’s couldn’t be contained. Mixed with my family background in carnival and circuses gives me a plethora of inspiration, self lived and fictional.

All of us in the band love horror movies and junk culture. We may have different favourite genres in that area. But all of us relate to coolness and bad-ass things in general.
Mack and I still exchange Garbage Pail Kids, or rather give away as gifts. So the junk goes deep in our veins.

Metal Empire: How do you feel these themes affect the music that you make? What affect does it have on the approach you take to coming up with musical ideas?

Neuros Moonshiner: Oh, it affects a lot. It’s never hard to get inspiration. Usually we work out song ideas from riffs and a lot of things Nath and I write. If the “feel” of the tune gets me thinking of something special I tend to base my lyrics on that…that and a lot of movie/comic/crap that influence me.

Metal Empire: Outside of the song writing, how does the bands production process work? When it’s time to record new material do you record anything before you head into the studio, or do you jam it out in the rehearsal room and then compile it while recording the final product?

Neuros Moonshiner: Nath and I work closest on the writing process. He is a master on writing NM material.
At times we rework stuff to fit better ideas, band members contribute and I adjust my lyrics. Riffs and ideas are always discussed and shared to get the songs right. We never diss a good idea.
Usually lyrics is written by the light of the TV with lot of favourite movies playin’, comix and books laying around the cigar buts.

Metal Empire: What and who are some of your major influences for the band?

Neuros Moonshiner: We all have different favourite artists and bands. The same interest in movies influences us all and we often talk about flicks, series and music. We all like bands like Sabbath and Pantera since it’s a founding part of the heavy music we all listen to. Then we all have different tastes. The fellas like Motley Crew and some of us like Alice Cooper, Entombed and Motörhead, some have other favourites in the same genre, you know.
I can only talk for myself and I still get influenced by illustrator/artist like Simon Bisley and Eric Powell and still list Sisters of Mercy, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, White Zombie, old NIN etc. as my influences.
Thom loves Manowar, that has to be said. ‘Cause he is all man.

Neuros Moonshiner Live

Neuros Moonshiner Live

Metal Empire: Here at Metal Empire we always love hearing interesting stories from a bands time on the road or in the studio. Do you have any you wish to share with us?

Neuros Moonshiner: Since I produced our stuff and we have to be honest with each other, that results in some fun moments in between the dreary times recording. But mostly insider stuff that’s not so much fun for others. That’s why we don’t have bs video diarys on YouTube to showcase how “cool” it is to be in a band. We are cool mofo’s, but see us live and join us for a beer if you’re a nice dude/dudess and experience it yourself.

We do find it particularly funny when other bands try to be rockstars and flaunt their fake ego around. Since we are a fun lovin’ bunch we tend to stay clear off brown-nosing and have fun with the real cool peepz. Getting drunk band members (no names named) back to their designated sleeping quarters are hard.

Getting drunk drummer (no names named..Petey) out of drunk tank; impossible, since he tends to pee wherever he finds most annoying to law enforcement.

Metal Empire: Do you have a favourite memory from one of your shows?

Neuros Moonshiner: When my brother Peter joined us on stage in our home town. As he is a drummer we gave him a tambourine and he rocked that shit in every angle of the stage.

Metal Empire: What are you hopes for the future? Where do you see Neuros Moonshiner this time next year?

Neuros Moonshiner: Hopes are high. We hope to get connected with broader live show agents. Get our show on the road in more countries and release the next EP to a bigger crowd.

Next year we’ll be Masters of the universe, I’ll ride around on a giant purple panther called Panthor and smoke rumflavored cigars lit over dollar bills. And play a whole lot more live. ‘Cause purple panther food ain’t cheap! Also there will be more fire. Mostly on stage and in videos.

Metal Empire: If I was to turn up at a show, what should I expect from you in terms of music and showmanship? Is there any crazy stuff you do to pull the crowd?

Neuros Moonshiner: We don’t act on stage, we tear it up as we feel like. Sometimes we get stopped in our live show plans since not all venues allows pyro and such. But what they might take away in effects we double in presence.

We want to see a show and we want to give a show. So it’s a f****n rock-show from start to finish.

Metal Empire: Do you receive much fan mail, and if so what’s the craziest, creepiest or coolest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Neuros Moonshiner: Creepiest thing must be this woman who does “art” with our used stuff. Much appreciated though! It’s the thought that counts, eyh? Other than that it’s non-weird friendly stuff.

Metal Empire: Just a random question for fun, if you were trapped on a desert island what would you take with you?

Neuros Moonshiner: A big box of cigars without a doubt.

Metal Empire: Thank you, for taking the time to speak to Metal Empire about what you do. Do you have any final words, or anything you would like to add?

Neuros Moonshiner: Thanks. Remember kids, don’t grow up. Those of you who grew up, do fun stuff. Neuros over and out.

Neuros Moonshiner On The Web (Official Website)

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Neuros Moonshiner – Bone Mistress – Official Lyric Video

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