New Music Monday: Idiom

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Idiom’s bouncy melodic metalcore is a refreshing kick in the gonads.

Music, and metal especially, can be a serious business. This is all well and good, but sometimes, don’t you just feel like taking off that scowl, unfolding your arms and just having some fun?

“Our live shows are all about fun,” says Idiom frontman Matt Sharland. “It isn’t cheap or throwaway, it’s about massively respecting what you do. We formed with the sole intention of playing Download. So when we finally made it last year we were going to enjoy it. I guarantee you no band had more fun that weekend than us.”

If you’ve ever seen Idiom before then you’ll know that this no idle boast. They’re a band that exude confidence and feel good attitude every time they set foot onstage, and, as an audience member, it’s almost impossible not to get caught up in it. “Why would people want to come and see you if you’re not going to give them a good time?” Matt asks. “We’re no joke band, but the UK music industry is lacking in that respect. There are a lot of bands that I think are good but I don’t have a good time watching them. If we have achieved anything then it’s putting a bit of that good time vibe back on the agenda.”

Idiom certainly are no mugs when it comes to writing catchy, groove-ridden melodic metal, either. New EP Movement boasts all the bounce and pop nous of nu metal’s commercial peak given a hardcore sanding down – the influences may be familiar but it sounds so very fresh in 2014’s music scene.

“We could have been just another metalcore band,” Matt exclaims. “We like that music, but we also like Faith No More, Korn, Deftones, all those bands from our childhood were a huge influence. We’ve been around a while and now that sort of sound is starting to come back. People thought we were crazy but music is circular, I knew that what we do would find its way around again. Hopefully metal fans will see that we’ve been doing it long enough to think we’re the real deal.” Whatever they do one thing is for sure, Idiom will be having a good time doing it.

Get a copy of new Idiom EP Movement free when you buy our current issue from Asda! Look how happy they are at you helping out:

Catch the band on the following dates:

15-Feb Coventry – Kasbah (Tricky Disco)
20-Feb London – Borderline
05-Mar Bristol – Exchange
07-Mar Swansea – Static
09-Mar Birmingham – The Flapper
10-Mar Leicester – The Scholar
11-Mar Sheffield – Corporation
13-Mar Liverpool – The Pickett
14-Mar Gwynedd – Hfan y Mor Holiday Park (Hammerfest)
15-Mar Southampton – University (Takedown Festival)
04-Apr Taunton – Club Khode
11-Apr Bournemouth – Anvil

Interview by Stephen Hill

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin


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