AC/DC To Record New Album And Play 40 Gigs This Year

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Metalhammer
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AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has confirmed that the band will head to the studio this Spring! 

In colossally huge new, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has stated that the rock ‘n’ roll megaweights will be returning to the studio this year – and will be marking their four decades together with a some very special dates.

“We’ve been denying anything because we weren’t sure,” he tells 98.7 The Gater. “One of our boys was pretty ill, so we didn’t like to say anything. We’re pretty private about things like this; he’s a very proud man. But I think we’ll be going in the studio in May in Vancouver – which means we should be getting ready.

On the possibility of an AC/DC tour, he adds: “It’s been 40 years of the band’s existence, so I think we’re going to try to go 40 gigs to thank the fans for their undying loyalty. We’re happy to go out even though we’re getting a bit long in the tooth – I’m really looking forward to it.”

It’s been four years since we had a proper AC/DC tour, and 2014 marks six years since Black Ice, so this is most welcome news indeed. Bring it on!

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin

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