Trivium, Darkest Hour Members Post Depressing Royalty Cheques, Reality Bites

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Trivium might be heavyweights, but that doesn’t mean they’re raking in the bucks

Ever wondered what kind of money some of metal’s biggest and most respected names can rake in? You might not want to after this.

A blog has been put online listing some rather depressing royalty cheques collected by some relatively heavyweight names from metal and beyond.

The images shine a light on the harsh reality faces by bands trying to make a living through their music and reemphasises the need for fans to get their asses to shows and buy merch if they’re prone to a cheeky bit of illegal downloading.

Check out a couple of choice cheques below:


As posted by Matt Heafy. As in the Matt Heafy whose band co-headlined Brixton last week. Oh dear.


Yes, someone really did go to the effort of posting the melodic death metal mainstays a royalty cheque for 1 cent. We kinda assume that that amount was rounded up, too.


Well, they’ve nabbed themselves three times the amount that Darkest Hour got, so they have to be grateful for that, we guess…

For more shocking non-amounts, check out

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin


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