Scott Ian Launches Pledge Campaign

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Scott Ian: chatty man [CREDIT: Trudi Knight]

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is asking fans to help produce a DVD of his recent spoken word tour.

Scott’s recent show up in Glasgow was filmed with the intention of putting together a DVD package, but the project needs funding – which is where YOU can come in.

Fan can donate money to the project via a Pledge Campaign Scott has set up, nabbing themselves some awesome prizes that can include catching a New York Yankees game with the man himself, one of his custom guitars and even getting him to play on your band’s next album!

With Scott’s UK duties now wrapped up and a new batch of US spoken word dates about to start, we grabbed the main himself for a quick chat…

Hi Scott! What’s been the most difficult thing about adapting to the “spoken-word” format in terms of carrying yourself onstage?

“You’d be surprised that walking around and talking for 2 1/2 hours is actually physically harder than performing with Anthrax. There’s no break. No time between stories to stand on the side and wipe my face and have a drink. It’s just non-stop. After the first few shows in the UK my feet, hips and knees were those of an 80 year old. After a week I got used to it.”

Is the Scott we see at these shows the Scott we’d see hanging out with some mates at home?

“That’s how I approach this. I’m just in a bar with my friends telling stories. I am these stories.”

What do you feel you’ve learned about yourself as a person through this whole experience?

“I actually like talking to people!”

Your shows manage to be fun and interesting without stitching any of your friends up too badly. Is it hard not to slip up and drop someone in it given all the things you must have witnessed over the years?

“Any of the people over the years that were not nice to me (cunts) know who they are and have to live with their miserable selves. That being said…I don’t shy away from telling the truth when necessary.”

What’s the weirdest question anyone’s ever asked you at one of these shows?

“Is your beard real? Do you and Meat Loaf jam all the time? Do you know the guys in Metallica? I said no to that one. Big laugh.”

US fans can catch Scott on the following dates, while Anthrax will be back in action at Sonisphere in July.

from Metal Hammer
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