It’s OK Everyone, Rock Music Has Been Saved By Rod Stewart, Arctic Monkeys And Bastille

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Arctic Monkeys: saving rock music, apparently

It seems like rock music isn’t dead after all!

You may have noticed a number of people from Hammer’s extended family and beyond weighing in on the ‘Is Rock Dead’ debate, with a mixture of views and, perhaps unsurprisingly, little resolution on the matter as a result.

Well, according to a new report by the BBC, rock music is not only thriving, but did in fact outsell pop music in some markets in 2013. Rock accounted for 33.8% of album sales, compared with 31% for pop artists, meaning that those prophesising rock’s downfall a couple of years back were, perhaps, talking shit.

Unfortunately, the rock music in question that is shifting units is credited to acts like Arctic Monkeys and Bastille. Tedious, part-timer nonsense, basically.

Luckily, anyone who considers themselves a fan of genuine, stirring rock and fucking roll knows that there are countless bands out there keeping the real spirit of the genre alive. In fact, if you want to see some young, exciting and genuine rock bands doing it right, you should definitely come along to our Lords Of The Riff tour with Scorpion Child and Monster Truck! Yes, that was a cheap plug, but fuck it, you know we’re right on this. See you down the front, yeah?

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