VIDEO: Sabaton Play A Gig In A Gym

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Sabaton: battle-ready

Swedish power metal heroes Sabaton like a bit of a work-out when they’re on stage, so it makes perfect sense for them to play a gig in a gym!

The somewhat unique endeavour took place at the Må Bättre gym in Falun, Sweden, with the band themselves even going so far as to work out while they were playing! That, friends, is dedication.

Sabaton recently unveiled new album, Heroes!

Recorded at The Abyss near Ludvika, Sweden with Peter Tägtgren, the album drops this May via Nuclear Blast.

“We had the title in mind since before we even recorded [2012 album] Carolus Rex and we already had ideas for artwork years ago,” explains bassist Pär Sundström. “We had a few different ones to choose from, but when we saw this one, we knew it was the right one for this album.”

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin

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