Lars Ulrich: “When The Fans Complain About The Setlists This Summer, They Can Only Blame Themselves!”

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Lars: gearing up for Knebworth

Lars Ulrich might be one of the most famous musicians in the universe – but that means jack shit to his kids.

“I get up very early in the morning,” he tells Bay Area station 107.7 The Bone. “Yes, I do drive my kids to school! And not just that, but I have to chaperone and drive on a field trip at 10am – we’re going to a sanitation facility. That’s another word for garbage dump. So there’s my glamourous morning.”

When he’s not messing around in garbage dumps, though, he has a few other priorities on the table – namely getting back on the road with Metallica, including a run of European dates where the fans are picking the setlist!

“We’re doing ‘Metallica By Request’,” he notes of the upcoming shows – the setlists of which can be picked at “The fans put together the setlist – there’s a website that they go and vote on – and we and play it. It accomplishes a couple of things. Number one: it gets it off my back, I don’t have to sit and write the setlist. Even better, number two, because there’s always people complaining, when the fans complain about the setlist, they can only blame themselves!”

You have to admit, the man has a point.

Metallica headline Sonisphere in August. Tickets are on sale now from, with a £50 deposit scheme now up and running.

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin

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