New Music Monday: The Vintage Caravan

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Metalhammer
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This week’s New Music Monday is dedicated to an Icelandic answer to the current glut of European rock ‘n’ roll upstarts.

Oi! Rush! Oskar Logi Aguitsson from The Vintage Caravan has a message for you:

“If you come to Iceland, we’ll let you support us, ha! Seriously, they’re my favourite band.” As it happens, it’s not just prog rock majesty that the trio draw inspiration from. “A lot of [our influences] are from the 70s, such as Rush, Zeppelin, Cream and Deep Purple,” adds Oskar, shedding some light on their fuzzy take on the retro rock revolution. “But we also listen to Queens Of The Stone Age and Mastodon. And Alexander [Numason, bass] has brought a lot of technical metal ideas.”

And as for the spark that caused Oskar to start a band in the first place? Believe it or not, he blames the movie School Of Rock for fuelling his musical ambitions.

“I saw it in 2004, and thought, ‘Hey, I could play guitar better than them!’” he laughs. “Then I heard Led Zeppelin, and it was downhill from there. A year later, I met Guojon [Reynisson , drums] in the school playground, and asked him if he wanted to start a band.”

A self-titled album followed when the members were just 14 years old – “We released it all ourselves which was a hassle. Thank goodness we’re now on a label like Nuclear Blast” – and new, second album Voyage is already somewhat old news. “We recorded it in the summer of 2012, and it came out in Iceland at the end of the year on Sena, a local label,” reveals Oskar. “We already have loads of ideas for the next album.”

Given Voyage’s striking mixture of simple, fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll hooks and dreamy Zeppelin melodies, it’s probably worth getting excited for what the future holds for yet another jewel in rock ‘n’ roll’s increasingly bling crown. And expect the Icelandic mob to make it out of their chilly home very soon. “I’ve been stuck for too long in my igloo!” warns Oskar. We’ll be waiting, mate.

Voyage is out now via Nuclear Blast

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin


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