Subterranea Exclusive: Pagan Black Metallers Kampfar’s Stunning New Album Streaming In Full!

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Kampfar’s career is definitely not on the rocks

Fierce, expansive and utterly glorious to boot, Djevelmakt, the new album from Norway’s pagan metallers Kampfar, is the mark of a band still unafraid to push the (long)boat out after two decades of existence, but who are still utterly in tune with the unruly currents coursing through black metal’s heart.

Steering free of the clichés commonly associated with their peers, Kampfar’s take on pagan metal is more in line with the likes of Enslaved – a beacon that drives you ever onwards rather than a cheesy harking back to a fabled age, and Djevelmakt’s epic, heartfelt urgency offers an exhilarating journey that sounds destined to grant them their rightful place within Nordic black metal’s top tier. Thanks to the good folk of Indie Recordings, Metal Hammer and Subterranea are exclusively streaming the album in full, and for anyone drawn to both the romantic sweep and storming battle cry of heavy metal in excelsis, raise your fists, but more importantly check out the white-hot, stormswept brilliance of Kampfar below!

Check out Kampfar’s Facebook page here.

And pre-order Djevelmakt here!

from Metal Hammer
via Amit Sharma


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