Corey Taylor On New Slipknot Album: “It’s Starting To Shape Up”

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Slipknot at Download in June

Corey Taylor has offered another update on the new Slipknot album.

“Me and Jim have been writing a lot of stuff, and it’s really starting to kind of shape up, really,” Blabbermouth reports the frontman as confirming. “I mean, we’ve got a nice chunk, and now we just kind of need to, you know, shape everything to that Slipknot point of view, that Slipknot way, that Slipknot sound. There’s an excitement that we haven’t felt in a while.”

This looks set to be the first Slipknot album to not feature Paul Gray or Joey Jordison, the latter of whom which left the band under shocking circumstances last year.

It was announced shortly before Christmas that Joey had left the Slipknot fold, with Joey rebutting the notion that he “quit” shortly after.

“To my fans, friends, and associates… I would like to start the New Year by addressing the recent rumours and speculation regarding my departure from Slipknot,” commented the drummer in a statement posted online.

“I want to make it very clear that I DID NOT QUIT SLIPKNOT. This band has been my life for the last 18 years, and I would never abandon it, or my fans.

“This news has shocked and blindsided me as much as it has all of you.

“While there is much I would like to say, I must remain silent to further details at this time. I would like to thank you all for your unwavering love and support, and wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year.”

Speaking after the band statement that confirmed Jordison’s departure for “personal reasons” last month, frontman Corey Taylor said: “Legally and respectfully, I can’t say a lot about it. We’re trying to protect him, protect us – just making sure we do everything right.”

Joey Jordison: Knot-less

He later reported anyone who believed the band were collapsing was “greatly and sadly mistaken.”

Jordison recently completed a UK tour with his latest band Scar The Martyr.

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