Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser: “Leave The Politics In The Past”

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Sepultura: returning veterans

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser talks past politics and the Brazilians’ imminent UK tour in an exclusive interview with Metal Hammer.

Another UK tour for you guys, looking forward to it?

“Yeah man. It’s been a while since we did a headline UK tour. The last time we did  Bloodstock and before that we did Hammerfest, so we’re starting our European tour over there this time. It should be pretty cool.”

What are you best memories about the many times you’ve toured the UK?

“Oh man, we’ve always had such great shows over in the UK. I remember the first time we came over supporting Sodom at The Marquee and that was such an experience because it seemed like nobody cared about Sodom, they were all here to see us! It was such an amazing surprise. To play at the Mecca of heavy metal and have that kind of response was incredible. And, of course, Brixton Academy, Monsters Of Rock, The Astoria with Slayer… So many beautiful shows.”

Will we ever see you guys doing an album in full like so many people are doing these days?

“Well we actually did Arise in Brazil a couple of years ago for the sixteenth anniversary show of this really big metal club in Sao Paulo. And just last week we did Chaos AD for a part of a classic album project where lots of different Brazilian bands played a special album of their careers in full. It was so much fun and the fans had a blast but it isn’t something that we would like to do as a normal tour. It’s great to keep as a special show but not to do it everywhere.”

It must be hard to pick any sort of set list with the amount of songs you guys have now?

“Yeah, it’s tough, but we always like to try and present a lot of the new songs. As many as we can. There are also the songs that people know best that have to be on every Sepultura show like Roots, Refuse Resist, Arise… we’ll always play those songs.”

And for the people that haven’t seen you guys for years, why should they come back now?

“We’re going to be celebrating thirty years of being a band, playing with one of the strongest line ups we’ve ever had. We’ll be playing songs from your youth but also songs from the current Sepultura, which is also very forceful. Leave the politics in the past and come have a good time.”

Catch the guys on the following dates (ticket links provided):

1 Feb // PAVILLION, WEYMOUTH – buy tickets
2 Feb // THE LIBRARY, BIRMINGHAM – buy tickets
3 Feb // THE FLEECE, BRISTOL – buy tickets
4 Feb // THE ACADEMY, DUBLIN – buy tickets
5 Feb // THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – buy tickets
6 Feb // O2 ACADEMY, LONDON ISLINGTON – buy tickets

Latest Seps album The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart is out now via Nuclear Blast.


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