Subterranea: Avant Extremists Murmur Stream Brilliantly Bizarre New Album In Full!

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Murmur invite you down the rabbit hole. Pic: Tom Kelly

Calling all intrepid seekers into the mysteries and maelstroms of avant-garde extreme metal!

Chicago psychonauts Murmur are releasing their new, self-titled album on January 17 via Season Of Mist Records – January 21 in the US – and we have an exclusive stream of the entire shebang.

Even by the standard of their 2010 debut, Mainlining The Lugubrious, it’s a challenging, if massively rewarding listen. Keeping the urban feel of the debut, but shifting away from anything immediately identifiable as black metal, Murmur is step off the precipice into hallucinogenic new realms, filled with rolling, woozy and ever-shifting jazzy textures recalling Ephel Duath having been fed the wrong drugs, or the likes of Nordic pioneers Ved Buens Ende. This is a journey through the rabbit hole and the kind of album whose sprawling dynamics mark out a fully-fledged world from which there are no signposts back. Grab a red pill, and enjoy the ride!

Check out Murmur’s Facebook page here

And pre-order the album here

from Metal Hammer
via Amit Sharma


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