Kerry King On New Slayer: “We’ve Got To Put Out Something That Jeff Would Be Proud Of”

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Kerry King: piecing together the new Slayer album

Slayer legend Kerry King speaks to us in our brand new issue, out now, about the crucial next step in the thrash titans’ career – including that new album.

“I think that [writing songs that Jeff would have written] would be shooting myself in the foot,” muses the guitarist on the direction that the new opus – the first since Jeff Hanneman’s passing – will take. “I can’t pretend to be Jeff. We both learned from each other in 30 years of writing together. As far as going out of my way to write something that Jeff might’ve done? I won’t do that. If it happens to end up sounding that way, good for me!


Slayer with Jeff (second left)

“We’ll have enough so we can pick great stuff whether we use any of Jeff’s material or not,” he adds. “It should add up to as good a record as we can hope for with one of our original songwriters being gone. There was a song we finished on the last record, but I know for a fact he wanted to rewrite the lyrics, so that one we’ve got to deconstruct and make better. I’ve said, and I’ll continue to say, that if we use any of Jeff’s songs, I don’t want it to come out just because Jeff wrote it. I want it to come out because it’s awesome. We’ve just got to put out something that I think Jeff would be proud of.

“Hopefully this new record will come out and blow everyone away, knock ‘em in the face and they’ll have to go running around, looking for their heads to pick up again. We’re ready, dude.”

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