Behemoth, Periphery, Skindred…What’s On Your FREE CD With Our New Issue

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Dark matters: Behemoth

Our stupendously huge, intergalactic new issue is on sale right now and comes with a free CD featuring extreme heavyweights, modern icons and future stars.

Here’s what you can expect…
1) Behemoth
Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
The darkest offering yet from the Polish blackened death metal titans.

2) Periphery
Feed The Ground
The Maryland sextet continue to take tech-metal to new heights.

3) Skindred
Proceed With Caution
If this doesn’t make you want to throw shapes, you’re doing it wrong!

4) Iced Earth
Among The Living Dead
Iced Earth doing what they do best: pure heavy fucking metal.

5) Cynic
Kindly Bent to Free Us
The progressive metal pioneers return on very fine form indeed.

6) Of Mice & Men
You’re Not Alone
Concrete proof that the future of metalcore is in safe hands.

7) Chimp Spanner
The UK shred aficionado continues to blow our minds in new ways.

8) Grand Magus
Triumph And Power
Grand Magus sounding like… er, Grand Magus. No complaints!

9) †††
Bitches Brew
Chino Moreno’s soaring vocals shining as bright as ever.

10) Ak’bal
Totally Recalled
What you’d hear if you locked Tool, NIN and Killing Joke in a room.

11) Set To Break
If you like a bit of Parkway Drive, this will definitely get your mosh on. w

12) Heaven Asunder
Of Coat And Arms
The UK’s answer to Trivium?

13) A Silent Escape
Black Heart
Formed out of the ashes of Union Square, meet Sweden’s new kings.

14) Wolfshead
Death Priest
A cauldron of hot fuzz guaranteed to stick in your head for days!

15) When We Were Wolves
Post-hardcore from South Wales.

from Metal Hammer
via Merlin


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