Frank Turner Wins Celebrity Mastermind With Iron Maiden Round – Here Are His Questions

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Metalhammer
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Frank gets some serious metal points

Singer-songwriter Frank Turner made a winning appearance on Celebrity Mastermind this past weekend – choosing Iron Maiden as his specialist subject.

The former Million Dead singer was pitched 13 questions on the heavy metal greats, answering 7 correctly and scoring a total of 20 points overall, beating out fellow contestants John Cooper Clark, Ben Faulks and Roy Hudd.

Check out BBC iPlayer to see Frank in action, and pit yourself against him below (answers at the bottom – no cheating now!)

Mastermind Specialist Subject: Iron Maiden

1. Iron Maiden was founded by Steve Harris on which day in 1975?

2. Who was the original lead singer, replaced by Dennis Wilcock?

3. In August 2010 Iron Maiden released their 15th studio album. What was it called?

4. Iron Maiden left Sanctuary Records in 2006. What was the name of the new company they joined, run by their manager, Rod Smallwood?

5. What was the nickname of Barry Graham Purkis, the drummer who briefly appeared with the band in 1977?

6. On what tour in 2008 did lead singer Bruce Dickinson first pilot the band and their entourage in a Boeing 757 named Ed Force One?

7. Which best-of album, released in 2002, includes the track The Wicker Man, inspired by the cult horror film?

8. What is the title of the 2009 feature-length documentary and live album recorded during the Somewhere Back In Time tour?

9. The band’s longest single to date, The Ryme Of The Ancient Mariner, is on which 1984 album?

10. The chart-topping 1988 album Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son was inspired by a book by which American science fiction writer?

11. Which song, said to be the first by Steve Harris, was used as the B-side of the Running Free single in 1980?

12. On the Final Frontier tour of 2010-11, what did the band’s mascot Eddie appear as during the songIron Maiden?

13. Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith returned to the band on 11 July 1999 in a concert at which venue in St John, New Brunswick?


1. Christmas Day; 2. Paul Day; 3. The Final Frontier; 4. Phantom Music Management; 5. Thunderstick; 6. Somewhere Back In Time; 7. Edward The Great; 8. Flight 666; 8. Powerslave; 10. Orson Scott Card; 11. Burning Ambition; 12. An alien mutant; 13. Harbour Station.

(And if you’re wondering, Turner passed on questions 4 and 12, and got questions 7, 8, 11 and 13 wrong)

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