New Anthrax Material Is Hard To Play

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Metalhammer
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scott ian of anthrax

Hard work: Ian

Scott Ian says the material he’s written for the next Anthrax album is harder to play than anything he’s come up with before.

The guitarist is midway through the process of creating music for what will be the thrash giants’ eleventh studio outing, and their first with guitarist Jon Donais, who joined after Rob Caggiano quit then signed up with Volbeat.

Ian tells Loudwire: “The songs are harder to play – a lot of difficult riffs. Sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves.

“We write stuff that we really need to bear down and say, ‘Goddamn, that’s be a bitch to play live.’ But that’s part of the challenge: challenging yourself as a writer and coming up with riffs that sound interesting and fresh.”

Ian believes the band will stay true to their mantra of never repeating themselves when they settle down to record the follow-up to Worship Music.

“Every record is very much of the time it was recorded in,” he says. “We’re always moving forward – the last thing we want to do is repeat ourselves because it would be boring for us. If it’s boring for us it’s going to be boring for the audience.”

But he confirms: “It’s certainly a metal record. It definitely has a lot of thrash elements in it. It’s not like we’re taken a complete departure and we’re making a prog record.”

Donais will create his own lead parts, but isn’t likely to write any songs this time round. “He might come in and say he has an idea for a part and we’re open to anything,” Ian reports. “It’s not like we told him, ‘Don’t bring in ideas!’ It’s very much a case of, ‘If you’ve got an idea, throw it out. Let’s hear it – don’t be shy.’”

from Metal Hammer
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