Megadeth Album Could Have Gone Down Better

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Metalhammer
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Megadeth bassist David Ellefson believes fans might have responded better to recent album Super Collider if they’d heard Kingmaker before hearing the title track (compare and contrast below).

He admits the band are aware of the criticisms levelled at their 14th studio outing – and he believes things will be different on the next one.

Discussing how Super Collider has been compared to their poorly-received 1999 release Risk, Ellefson tells MetalTitans: “We’re aware of the comments for sure, because they’re on our own website or our Facebook page.

“I’ve learned not to criticise our own work – every record has significance to different people. Having said that, the first thing people heard from the record was Super Collider, which is a very mainstream, commercial song. I think had they heard Kingmake” first, for instance, the reaction would have been much different. The first impression is more often than not the most lasting impression.

“When you hear a song that sounds like Megadeth right out the gate, you say, ‘Awesome, man!’ When you hear a song that you have to listen to several times, analyse it and get your mind around it, the first impression may not make you want to dig right in.”

He continues: “I get that. I’m a fan. I used to buy Kiss and Cheap Trick and there were records where I’d say, ‘What the heck is this?’ It wasn’t what I was expecting. Some records take one listen, other take three or four listens other more. I think for me, Super Collider is one of those records.”

The band are gearing up to start work on album number 15. Mainman Dave Mustaine will, of course, have the casting vote, but Ellefson – who recently suggested many fans would rather not hear new Megadeth music – says: “My personal thought is that the next record will be much different. We go through these phases.”

And he insists there’s a place for every release in the thrash giants’ legacy. “We have more than just one style in our cache,” he states. “Fans have discovered us at various times throughout our journey – there are fans who became fans when they heard Risk. That’s when they go into rock’n’roll and they bought that record, and to them that is their debut Megadeth record.”

The band will play Bloodstock in August next year.

from Metal Hammer
via Martin Kielty


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