Origins by Promethium – Album Review

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Heavy Metal, Music
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Origins by Promethium

The second album by Promethium – Origins

Introduction to Promethium

Promethium are a new band to me. I’d never heard of them until a few weeks ago, when strolling the charming charts of Reverbnation, looking for exciting new material to get my teeth into. From the little pieces of research I have conducted, it seems I’m a fairly latecomer into the fold. The band already boast an EP and their début album Welcome to The Institution under their belt. So as a unit, it seems they have already matured far beyond their years for an independent label band. And in October 2013, Promethium presented Origins. Which is the second feature length offering from the Lancaster metalhead quintet.

Origins Review

Promethium are currently promoting Origins, which has received many positive reviews in the music media. From the likes of Revolver magazine, Soundscape magazine, Power Play and many more. They have also supported some great acts like, Furyon, DAM, Ravenface and Beholder. So what do I think of the bands new offering?

First Thoughts About The Tracks

Origins opens up with a classic sounding metal riff on the track Won’t Break Me, but it’s really only getting warmed up as Gunslinger kicks into action with it’s memorable hook “The Gunslinger”. What else? Soon after comes my second favourite track on the album The Art Of Hurting, which reminds me a lot of a modern metal Megadeth in places. Think Symphony Of Destruction with a more modern metal twist. The blending of low harmonises and low mixed growling blends very nicely and makes it a very solid addition.

Counterfeit is a solid enough track, but doesn’t really get to the good part until quite far into the song and then it ends before you have much of a chance to enjoy it. But the real gem on Origins comes next with Rain with it’s epic harmony layered chorus “Down like Rain!” it’s enough to send tingles down one’s spine. Rain certainly seems very inspired by the sounds of Pantera’s cover of Planet Caravan. To me it also has the biggest hook on the album and should certainly be considered as a single if it hasn’t already.

What seems like too soon, Rain comes to a close and The Hunted begins, which has a fun chorus section with melodies that make me think of Offspring, if they were more metal. Plagued by Evil makes an impression with with beautifully layered clean guitars, but the verse vocal could benefit from addition harmonies to help to carry the melody. The chorus opens big with plenty of impact and depth. Revolver give off a more classic rock vibe, this is the driving track of the album. It conjures up images of driving down moonlit dirt roads at the ass end of nowhere.

Believer has belting drum intro which sounds like it’s building up to a monster riff, which does a very strange 180 in direction and goes very poppy/punk sound for the rest of the song. It works though, with the addition of an interesting guitar solo, which certainly helps. With only ten tracks on this album the title track Origins is last, but certainly not least. Maybe a somewhat cliché thunderclap to open up for an acoustic guitar piece, but who am I to complain about that, as I’ve done it with my own music. Sadly this beautiful piece is only instrumental and at only 2:40 it’s over almost before it begins. It’s certainly a nice little send off for the listeners.

Promethium Band

Promethium have been sent to the naughty corner and face the wall in shame.

Origins Afterthoughts

The album is littered with warm crunchy guitar riffs that carry a lot of energy and go to many interesting places. The nice addition of simple yet effective lead guitar parts and mini solos adds a lot of character. One thing that stands out about this album. Is during a time of hyper produced modern metal, Promethium captures a sound of decades gone past with a much more raw format. Most encapsulated by the albums vocals. The singer can certainly sing, which is evident from his great vocal delivery with tons of attitude. Exploring depths of emotions reminiscent of singers like Alx Rose, Phil Anselmo and Eddie Vedder. Reaching pitches most men have to sing falsetto to reach. Another indication that this guy can hold a tune, and do it well in the studio and live on stage is the lack of any obvious auto tune.

Unfortunately the production was slightly marred at the mixing desk, as I found the vocals sit a little too high in the mix. The vocalist hits most of his notes stop on the mark. But where the vocals are too loud, those moments where he isn’t as pitch perfect, stand out more than they should. Luckily after the ears have adjusted to compensate for the louder vocals, the album sits back nicely into it’s groove. I have a feeling as long as you push past the minor production flaws this could be an album that really grows on you without even realising it.

The guitar work on Origins remind me a lot of early Metallica with the vocals bringing an element of Pearl Jam, Gun N Roses and even a slight hint of Megadeth along side other 80′s classic rock monsters. The album offers plenty of sing along hooks and great melodies, and as a whole carries strong melodic vocals littered with a tasteful amount of scream. Which helps to underlie and strengthen the melodic vocals were it’s needed.


Origins although it has many flaws in the production, it also has many merits and a lot of charm which is missing from many albums today. It reminds me a lot of albums I used to buy as a kid. When albums felt more gritty and raw. Whether or not that’s something that will appeal to the jaded masses is another matter. My opinion is that you should give this album a try and give it time to grow on you. Don’t recoil from it’s imperfections, embrace them and you maybe surprised to find yourself wanting to go back to this time and time again.

Support Promethium

You can help support Promethium in their pursuit to make more music by buying Origins on iTunes. You can also check them out on Facebook.

Promethium on YouTube

The awesome video for Visions taken from Promethium’s début album Welcome to the Institution.

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