Fancy Something Different? Here’s Team Metal Hammer’s Guilty Pleasures For 2013

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Metalhammer
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Daft Punk: guilty pleasure?

Alright, look, no one should feel guilty about any music they like, whether it’s Five Finger Death Punch or Fatboy Slim, so this isn’t really a ‘Guilty Pleasures’ list at all. Sorry about that. What it is, though, is a list of some of the albums outside of Hammer’s world that the team have been enjoying on the sly. If you’re up for something a little bit outside of the box, these are the albums for you…

Charles Bradley – Victim Of Love

Chosen by: Alexander Milas (Editor-In-Chief)

“It’s difficult to decide where the story leaves off and the music begins with Charles Bradley. Like many, I came across his music via a genuinely brilliant documentary from last year called Charles Bradley: Soul Of America. Here you have this monster of an artist, an overlooked soul singer who’s bled for his art for a lifetime and on first listen it feels like the crime of the century – with a sound as powerful as the story behind, this is as good as music gets, and his determination is truly inspiring. Of perhaps lesser importance, I fucking hated Changes by Black Sabbath until I heard this guy covering it for a limited-edition release for Record Store Day. Just immense.”

Zomboy – Reanimated EP Parts I & II

Chosen by: Merlin Alderslade (News/Online Editor)

“Like the bastard offspring of a rave-off between Skrillex and Deadmau5, Zomboy is, quite simply, the best thing in electronic music right now. If you have any interest in big beats, bigger hooks and dubby breakdowns large enough to give Godzilla the shakes, this is your new favourite DJ. Smart, arena-worthy tuneage.”

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Chosen by: Amit Sharma (Features Editor)

“The sound of promiscuous robots teleported back to mid-70s downtown New York in search of cheap champagne and even cheaper hookers. A tranquiliser dart of subdued soft synths, muted guitars and boogie night grooves, this future-funk odyssey will have you slappin da bass like good ole Bootsy in no time at all.”

David Bowie – The Next Day 

Chosen by: Jonathan Selzer (Reviews/Subterranea Editor)

“I grew up utterly obsessed with David Bowie. A man who could reinvent himself at will and seemed like an alien even to his own self resonated throughout my teenage years. The Next Day came out of nowhere, not just in the sense that it had appeared without any notice, but its restless meditations, and self-examanition of his own, alien myth seemed to come from a place of exile that made him sound mortal, human, in parts heartbreaking and more like a god than ever.”

Future Of The Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident

Chosen by: James Isaacs (Art Editor)

“This is Pop Punk. Not the Pop Punk akin to a glitter-covered dog turd a la Bowling For Soup but a real swan dive into energy and absurdity. Imagine if The Fall listened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for 23 hours a day, only taking an our off to stand back and look in the mirror at how fucking awesome they are.”

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Chosen by: Lewis Somerscales (Deputy Art Editor)

“It’s not groundbreaking and doesn’t set the world on fire like LP1 did, but it’s packed full of some great tunes and hints back to the first LP in places. Monster is huge, Berzerk gets the rock in there (Rick Rubin is even in the video!) and there are some super catchy samples throughout.”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away

Chosen by: Dom Lawson (contributor)

“As ever, a masterful blend of beauty and ugliness, melody and menace, lyrical brilliance and musical invention. A flawless addition to an extraordinary catalogue. Plus, the Bad Seeds are badass to the bone.”

Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe

Chosen by: Terry Bezer (contributor)

“If you frothed at the wherever watching Ryan Gosling mooching about in Drive (let’s face it, who didn’t?) and were getting all doe-eyed at the dreamy 80s soundtrack, this is your album. Lusciously crafted minimalist pop with a voice that is simultaneously sweet and haunting. Pig Destroyer, this is not, but you’re more likely to get laid with this on in the background. In theory. Have you ever tried boning to Pig Destroyer? Fuck. Just listen to it, OK?!”

El-P + Killer Mike – Run The Jewels

Chosen by: Tom Doyle (contributor)

“For those who like their hip hop dark and lyrically dexterous Killer Mike and EL-P’s full-length is a genuine treat. Pumped up and fizzing with an almost anxious energy it is a record that is as sonically inventive as anything with a guitar on it you’ve heard this year. Proof that, away from the chart schlock, rap is still doing the business at a genuinely cerebral level.”

Sebadoh – Defend Yourself

Chosen by: Kevin Stewart-Panko (contributor)

“The long-running scruffy indie rockers got back together and got back to their old ways: recording themselves, in a drafty rehearsal room, using antiquated gear. And with ginormous folksy hooks, fuzzy alt-rockers and surprising amount of direction and heart-felt emotion they fucking nailed it!”

Everlast – The Life Acoustic

Chosen by: Stephen Hill (contributor)

“The Life Acoustic is a stripped-down collection of the former House Of Pain frontman’s best moments as a solo artist. It features a pretty bizarre version of Jump Around delivered in his whiskey-smoked vocals, like a hip hop Mark Lanegan.”

….of course, if you’re now gagging for some metal back in your grill, you can check out our Top 50 Albums Of 2013! Damn, we’re good to you.

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