Blogs Of War: Joey Jordison’s Scar The Martyr Come To London

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Metalhammer
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Scar The Martyr

Joey (far right) with Scar The Martyr

Mere days after shocking revealing that he has left Slipknot, Joey Jordison brought his new Scar The Martyr project to London. Stephen Hill was there to see it all go down…

Fourteen years ago this week, Joey Jordison played in London for the first time at the now defunct London Astoria with his band, Slipknot. For many people, that was the first chapter of the Book Of ’Knot. You know the rest of the story by now; number one albums, TFI Friday, sniffing dead crows in jars, “Jump the fuck up”, Download 2009, the death of Paul Gray, the return at Sonisphere, the most iconic moments in metal since the turn of the Millennium, basically. And while tonight may not be the end, it is most definitely a brand new start in many ways for the iconic drummer, as his latest band, and main concern if we are to read between the lines, Scar The Martyr, headline the even more humble confines of London’s Camden Underworld.

If you expected a mass of heaving, remorse-filled Slipknot fans outside the venue wailing in protest then you’d have arrived disappointed. Only a handful of hardy souls are queuing outside an hour before the doors open. Few of them sport Slipknot shirts, it seems as though it’s just another underground metal gig. Although the spectre of Slipknot is just too huge to be totally missing from proceedings, both Shanna and Indiana have been waiting outside the venue since midday and Hammer is left to no doubt who they are here for. “It’s relevant,” says Indiana. “I’m here to see Scar The Martyr and I think they are a really good band. But I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Joey.”

Shanna Shares her friends sentiments. “I’m glad he has another band, he’s too talented a musician to not carry on doing something.” She says. “But, I’m sad that he left Slipknot. I hope it isn’t for real.” It’s a recurring theme amongst many of the Maggots we talk to, a refusal to dismiss their favourite band and a genuine hope that resolution with Joey can be achieved.

When Scar The Martyr hit the stage this evening to a three-quarters-full Underworld, it is hardly the kind of setting you would imagine someone would leave a genre-defining, festival-headlining band for. That said, Scar The Martyr are a fine metal band in the vein of Chimaira and it’s to their credit that after about two songs the folk in attendance stop trying to photograph Joey behind his huge drum set and actually start to bang their head and enjoy the music. But, as opening chapters go, it’s far from anything other than promising. We may never know why Jordison left Slipknot, but his fans seem willing to give him the opportunity to escape from its shadow. Now it’s up to him to give repay that trust with something truly worthy.

from Metal Hammer
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