LEGION OF THE DAMNED Premiere Video for “Doom Priest” on Metal Insider

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Music


2014 might prove to be yet another pivotal year for LEGION OF THE DAMNED, asRavenous Plague makes it more than clear that the evolution of the band is far from over. The return to Andy Classen as producer duties was a great move, as no one else knows the band better than Classen.  The album’s introduction was composed by Jo Blankenburg, who wrote music for blockbuster films including such as Harry Potter”, “X-Men” and “300”. Wes Benscoter, who has worked with numerous bands including Slayer, created the artwork for Ravenous Plague.  There is a storm brewing in the camp of LEGION OF THE DAMNED, and it won’t be silenced anytime soon.


The band’s video for the song “Doom Priest” has been completed and is receiving its exclusive North American premiere via Metal Insider.  Check it out HERE.


Last week the band released another…

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